Interview: PixelJunk Monsters: Encore

Games made for the PlayStation Network (and the Xbox Live Arcade, and WiiWare) are supposed to be quick and easy, kind of like snacks you munch between bigger meals of Halo Burgers and Super Smash Potatoes, but something funny happened when Sony released PixelJunk Monsters, a tower defense game for the PlayStation 3. It became as big an obsession for some gamers as the latest Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto.

It was such a hit that Sony is releasing PixelJunk Monsters Encore, an expansion pack for the game, in late April -- though as Crispy Gamer learned when they spoke to Senior Producer Deborah Mars and Associate Producer Matt Morton recently, it wasn't just obsessive fans that brought about Encore.

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Ovidius3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

An expansion would be nice, I love PixelJunk Monsters. 15 more levels?! ^-^! This is one of the very few PSN games that can keep my attention. Everyday Shooter and Super Stardust HD are the only others. I hope the expansion is under 5 dollars, though it probably will be 5 bucks flat. I'm practically broke what with all the games coming out soon! Bah!

I miss the good RTS games. RTS is practically dead to me now. WHat ever happened to hits like Red Alert, Empire Earth - Art of Conquest... SPeaking of Empire Earth... that game is so legendary that people STILL play it online, and it's been out since 2002 or so. Sure, it's only 86 people average.. I mean... EE came with built in mod tools. Easy to use, fun to use. Complete with triggers, hell.. everything. You could almost create your own characters. Ugh It's so vastly amazing I can't even begin to describe how incredible it is. Go on eBay and get the Empire Earth Gold Edition. Not EEII or EEIII, those suck.

Oh man, I'm getting on EE right now. Such an EPIC game....

The Wood3838d ago

has reintroduced me to rts's. I cant wait for the extra levels and cant wait to play other rts games since I had a taste of pixel junk monsters. Still haven't completed that level with the 4 trees yet.

Baba19063838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

that level is soooooo hard. i have rainbows in every level but that one. i cant even beat it lol.

meepmoopmeep3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

i can't even get past medium difficulty... encore? lol...
but it's such an amazing game and highly addictive though. best game i've bought via download.
i'll try to beat it and will most likely buy the expansion. hopefully it's not too expensive. but i know it would be worth the price.

assjacket3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I haven't been able to get past all the medium levels either. I hope the expansion isn't all hard levels, I'd still buy it though :)

Baba19063838d ago

you just have to find out where to put the towers, and when. do it for your tribe.

AshtarGoken3838d ago

This game has gotten me extremely excited about gaming with others. To be able to sit and enjoy this easily with a friend was just what I was looking for from the ps3. Any friend can come over and enjoy what PixelJunk Monsters has to offer by playing alongside and not having to sit and watch. Everyone that I showed this game to is already addicted-- including myself! Bring on the expansion!

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