Microsoft is banning 360 firmware modders

After several months of silence it was more or less accepted that Microsoft wasn't going to do anything about the firmware hacks that allow Xbox 360s to play backups. Rather surprising, considering the 'inventor' of the hack confirmed in March already that the mods are easily detectable, and the reports that piracy is running rampant in countries like China. It appears that Microsoft is finally taking action against them though, although they may be hitting the wrong persons.

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TheMART4462d ago

I am curious how many scared people will start to post here ;)

I was coming by a lot of people lately on Live, in UNO for example having a chat and laying some cards plain admitting that they got the Firmware hack when I asked them how many of them would BUY Gears of War.

Them laughing, saying: "Buying? Right...". If I watched their gamelist, man that would almost be evidence alone... All the games available played...

But I think MS can't do that much with the latest full Stealth for T/S drives. Even not after reading XBOXIC article. Still a good read and I am curious if I meet the same persons on UNO again soon!

drewdrakes4462d ago

Wow, Microsoft has the ability to brick the 360 that is modded. That is amazing, and I hope they do. These people are jerks and are taking away from the developers. I am beyond happy that people haven't cracked the 360's piracy protection.

Capt CHAOS4461d ago

That MS are keeping quiet about? You just never know..

CompGeek4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

One guy gets 2 unmodded 360s banned, and no one with a modded 360 is banned? Right... smells like crap.

If they really were taking action there would be a huge uproar at the hacking sites. No one at the hacking sites has been banned yet.

CompGeek4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

well actually Im a member at Xbox-Scene. If anyone was getting banned it would be all over the headlines at the site. Go check, not one person @ XBS, the biggest Xbox hacking site on the web, has been banned.

bung tickler4462d ago

If M$ starts banning people for this, no one really will be safe, even the Stealth mods, cuz each box has a serial number, M$ knows what drives are in each box based on thier s/n, if a box that has a drive that should be able to be read from is unreadable then that = ban.

CompGeek4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

That would be too much of a pain to keep track of, especially with them refurbishing systems and swapping drives. I doubt it.

Besides, it's not a violation of xbl tos to swap DVD-ROM drives in your 360, though they might have different firmware revisions, and that would throw the plan out the window.

Marriot VP4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

you've got to understand that the amount of people swapping drives is miniscule or insignificant to the amount of modding drives in India or worldwide is. If some people's toes get stepped on oh well, don't mess around with the machine.

TheMART4462d ago

But Paul, what about the fact if your warranty is over, the console breaks down because of failure and you want to get it repaired by someone that is buying old 360's on the net?

As it is your property and you want it to be repaired, you are free to do so.

If MS misses out on that one, it'll be a big mistake. I don't think they'll go that direction.

After the new DVD drives out there I think they'll go that road to prevent future hacks. With the full stealth FW's I really don't think they can do that much. The risk of so many possible bricked systems they can cause, or many people having banned from Live without guilt will give too much negative news surrounding the console.

peksi4461d ago

That's a good move from MS. The only way to get better and better games is to buy them. I'm sure the checkups will be finalized so that false bannings will sease to exist.

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