130° adds U.S. XBVM media details

XBox Fanboy writes: "Wow, this came out of nowhere. U.S. users will notice a newly revamped Video Marketplace section and no, it isn't just a new coat of paint. It's a complete re-construction of's XBVM section that actually makes it useful. W00t!

We advise jumping right in, so point your browser to's XBVM area and prepare to be amazed. You can now browse the entire list of movie rentals that are available, search by title, download rank, rating or just for movies that are available in HD. Once you find a movie, you'll now be able to read its synopsis, run time, file size, pricing and more. But that's not it. All that functionality is available for television content as well with the added bonus of browsing each show and each season. They even added a coming attractions section to preview upcoming XBVM content. The amount of information available is amazing! It's also a nice compliment to our Video Marketplace Weekly feature. A big high five goes out to Microsoft for getting this up and running."

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gnothe13837d ago

what would have made the awesome is if they would have made it possible to start a download from the PC. I could start a download from work on by the time i got home it would be ready!! I hope thats something there working on with the spring or fall update!!

Ureval3837d ago

That would be cool. Hadnt thought of that. That way I could download an HD movie and it would be ready to play when I go home.

wow4u3837d ago

I suppose it would work if you left your Xbox 360 on.

MattFoley3837d ago

They could do it like Bungie does it with fileshare.

Bnet3433837d ago

holy crap it looks nice, why weren't we informed about this earlier?

llamaman133837d ago

THIS IS AMAZING, !!! no fanboy remarks intended, sony needs to catch up with pc to ps3 capabilities

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