The Art Of Achievement - Women want them, men want to be them. Take a look behind the curtain at these slices of digital crack

OXM UK writes: "Genesis (the Microsoft kind): In the beginning, an underpaid team of nerdy Microsoft employees said, "Let there be Achievements," and it was good. Great actually, as no one involved in the creation of the Gamerscore system ever imagined it would turn into such an undeniable phenomenon. If you're reading this, it's likely that you too have succumbed to the siren call, and probably have at least one game on your Gamercard that you played just because you heard it had easy Achievements.

Infinity Ward's Community Relations Manager, Robert Bowling, aptly describes Achievements as a 'fantastic way to get your players even more involved in your game and add to the replay value even further. It encourages players to delve deeper into aspects of the game that they may have missed or didn't experience their first time through. The Achievements of a game really shape the playing habits of gamers of all types, where it may encourage a casual player to play again or play through originally on a harder difficulty than they normally would.'"

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Silellak3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

My female roommate is really into achievements on the 360, which I find fascinating because she isn't really much of a gamer.

Honestly, I think achievements are an awesome way of extending a game's replayability. I admit, I'm addicted to them. I don't actually care for the Gamerscore part of it (especially because it's really easy to get certain high-point achievements), just unlocking the achievements and having a little note of "did that" in my Gamer Tag is enough for me. I think it's similar to the addiction MMO players get to the "ding" of leveling up.

Microsoft deserves a lot of flack for some of their decisions regarding the 360, but achievements are not one of them.

slowlearner3931d ago

My girlfriend has spent hours on Tomb Raider, Dead Rising and Viva Pinata to get the full 1000 points. And if she's happy I'm happy. She's also been willing to play through games like Halo 3 and Gears of War if it means some more achievements. And getting Mile High Club one in COD4 is hard enough that I appreciate the little note of "did that".

@LightningFerus No reason to hate them, since games have been able to save there has always been some form of stat tracking, just now i don't have to boot up the game to see it.

LightningPS33931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

It just doesn't have a database where it keeps everyones gamercard.

not yet anyway.

Me personally, I don't care about this. I enjoyed games since I was a kid on NES up to the PS2.

I still look foward most to the single player experience. What the community of gamers does, I don't care.

As far as unlocking things and reaching extra goals, like finding all the hidden treasures, games have always had that. When you completed Mario games you usually finished the main adventure with only like 60% of the game complete. Same with Gand Theft Auto.

Silellak3931d ago

What exactly does the PS3 have to do with this article?

Second post into a thread about a 360-specific article whose only mention of Sony is that "they are doing the same thing" and we're already talking about the PS3?

Is it possible to have an N4G article that doesn't devolve into a console war fest? Just once? Pretty please?

LightningPS33931d ago

console wars are the driving force behind this site and fanboys working to submit news.

All the PS3 VS XBOX 360 articles get the most comments, incase you haven't noticed.

kewlkat0073931d ago

think of Achievement/Gaming Card
as the report Card of your own personal gaming tendencies/taste.

I think by looking at a gamer card, one can easily tell what a gamer like to play and how much of a hardcore player they are.

Are they willing to get every last Item in a game?
Willing to do Extra missions?
Unlock Extra things/misc items?

as well, the devs get to challenge the Gamers, with some difficult tasks within or after the games are complete.

Nothing wrong with that..XBL is a community, just as HOME will be so gamers will be able to showcase everything in HOME(body, boobs, trophies...etc), XBL right now, just have a Gamer Card.

It's that simple but not everyone will care about it, which is fine.

LightningPS33931d ago

I know that. How is that suppose to change the way I talk?

Do I sound to you like I don't know how XBOX live works or how achievements work?

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The Closing3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

If your biggest achievement is beating video games then I'd say you need to take a good look at your life. You beat a video game, no you did not just save the world for real.

myabsolution3931d ago

and a big slap to the face for those who cant relax a little and enjoy achievements, instead of telling others their lives are worthless for enjoying something.

slowlearner3931d ago

Getting an achievement does not make it the biggest achievement of someone's life. Apparently your parents got the "Raise a Douche" achievement.

The Closing3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Lmao. I agreed with the statement since it was pretty funny.

To each his own I guess. Although it won't stop me from ragging on achievement whores. ; p

slowlearner3931d ago

Now I feel like a douche. I'm glad you thought it was funny. I rarely think of clever things to write on these threads.

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HelloBabe693931d ago

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