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VGR: Oh Sony, how long will you chase after a bona fide first-person shooter franchise to rival the competition? Killzone Shadow Fall does absolutely nothing for me. I want to be clear that this demo was multiplayer only, but if this is an indication of things to come, there are way better first-person shooter multiplayer games coming down the pipe.

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Maddens Raiders1962d ago

My brain hurts after reading this guy's impressions. Surely he was high and drunk when he wrote this. I looked at his douchey pick and read his bio:

"Recovering Alcoholic. Addicted Gamer. Street Fighter Enthusiast. Writer. Graphic Designer. Comic, Movie and TV Show Lover. Ninja. All in those order."

Article seems legit lol.

Ohlmay1962d ago

Looks pretty generic to me. Small maps, 24 players, fluctuating frame rate, no recoil/sway on weapons, looks meh to me. What's so innovative about Killzone? Hell, I played it at PAX, the heaviness is essentially gone now, so it feels just like any other shooter.

Maddens Raiders1962d ago

Your trolling is pretty generic.

Ohlmay1962d ago

Nope, I went to PAX and played it. I was a fan of KZ2 because of the heaviness, but it's essentially gone now and the guns have NO recoil. Hell Guerilla was telling us how they want to make the series more accessible. Killzone Shadow Fall is going to be a Crysis, pretty game, generic gameplay.

aceitman1962d ago

@ohlmay I was there too , I don't know what game u where playing . and its killzone innovation is in the multiplayer part .boy I have to question if u really played it or was the lines to long for u.

aceitman1962d ago

lmao is he an xbox fanboy , this is what he wrote about ryse -The game looks phenomenal and it runs silky smooth. In fact, the demos were running on huge TV displays that gamers literally stand right in front of. The frame rate was so good that I was disoriented at first thanks to the size of the screen and the fluidity of looking around.

evilbart1962d ago

Haha nice find guess this explains it

AG-Mike1962d ago

Here, let me help you finish reading that article. This is the last paragraph.

"When it was all said and done, Ryse left me with the impression that this is the quintessential launch title. It’s pretty to look at. It shows off a lot of what the Xbox One can do graphically. I wasn’t enamored with the gameplay. It could use some tweaks that I’m not sure can happen within the two months before launch."

Yep, total fanboy.

ABeastNamedTariq1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"I have zero experience with Killzone multiplayer and I tried one of the PS3 Killzone games for about ten minutes once. It felt the same then as it does now; slow and heavy. If you want to emulate Halo, I’d suggest creating a faster paced experience. I felt like my Helghast character was weighted down as he plodded around hallways. I had to turn the look sensitivity way up. Assuming it was on default, it was horribly unresponsive as I tried to turn towards whoever was shooting me in the back."


IT's SUPPOSED to be weighty! That's what makes it distinct! And from what I've read, many, many people say it's very responsive.

Good gracious, if you want fast and twitchy, go play COD!

10 minutes of experience with Killzone multiplayer.... is there a gif for this amount of absurdity?

Maddens Raiders1962d ago

Yeah clearly he's trying to downplay and disparage KZ. He has absolutely no idea what he's on about.

AlexanderNevermind1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"If you want to emulate Halo".

That's the issue with this review in a nutshell. Trying to be a Halo Killer is one thing, trying to be like Halo is something very different.

Killzone is not trying to be like HALO. It is a stand alone FPS that incorporates teamwork. None of the gameplay is like a COD or HALO. For anyone looking at this game for the PS4 and is wanting a Halo clone, This is not your game. It is slower paced like Battlefield Series.

What sets Killzone apart is the ever changing objectives of the Battlefield in Warzone. Its different spawn system which you can plant spawn points anywhere on the map. What sets Killzone apart is its distinctive classes such as Saboteurs who look like the enemy and Sniper Classes who are invisible and its incorporation of Sentry Bots, Turrets, Jet Packs and Mech Suits.

WorldGamer1962d ago

OUCH. He really seems not to like KZ:SF style of gameplay.

Granted, it's not for everyone, but many of his points on graphics and control really go against what the majority of people have said their impression of the game have been.

Day one purchase for me, this guy probably should stick to the X1 and the games available on that.

He really didn't provide any substantive information, very disappointing.

Kratos02891962d ago

"There are better shooters coming. Stick with the proven pedigree of Battlefield and Call of Duty" LMAO

thrust1962d ago

Oh it burns,,, it burns....

Hicken1962d ago

Obvious fanboyism like that of the author's, and obvious trolling like yours, only irritates, like a mosquito bite.

But there's the added knowledge that the mosquito will die soon enough, and the annoying itch will fade.

thrust1962d ago

Wow fanboys are that hurt by this they are wanting people to die!

That's a bit sad that, it's only a game!

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