I, Gladiator for iOS Gets Major Multiplayer Update and New Screens

The wildly popular I, Gladiator action-RPG for iOS devices just received its first major update in the form of a new global multiplayer arena (update not yet available for Android version.) Fans of the hack-n-slash, cell shaded action focused game will now be able to challenge other gladiators from around the world to intense multiplayer battles that come with leaderboard support.

If you’re unsure of I, Gladiator’s prowess make sure to check out some new screenshots after the break. You'll surely see the Borderlands 2 meets Spartacus art style.

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user74029312465d ago

this is good competition for ryse.

AbortMission2465d ago

Lol, this game is still better than Ryse

Funantic12465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Ryse sure is in you Sony fanboy's mouth a lot. How many games do you know of where you can say the word "help" and your squadron comes to your defense? It's really innovative and looks good. Ryse is a great game that y'all try to downplay but give praise to anything Sony related.

AbortMission2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Oh man, I'm so jealous of not having QTE-yse on the PS4!


franko2465d ago

@funatic did you played Ryse so you know it's that great? Yea, i thought so. Sit down and let the elders talk. And fyi i have both systems so no fanboy crap here.