Nintendo, please don’t screw up the online multiplayer for the next Super Smash Bros.


The gameplay fundamentals for Super Smash bros have remained sublime ever since the original. No one can argue against the series pedigree as a high quality game on top of its genre. Clearly, from what we have seen so far, Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS will continue the trend of high standards. But, there is one way Nintendo can ruin the game, a mistake that was made in Super Smash Bros Brawl and that was the atrocious online play.

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MrSwankSinatra2263d ago

They already screwed up by not having a ethernet port for the wii u.

MrSwankSinatra2263d ago

And??? Still doesn't negate the fact that Nintendo is so out of touch when it comes to online they didn't even include a Ethernet port. It's 2013 an Sony & Microsoft include Ethernet on their newest consoles because they know how important online is these days. An find it funny that you try to push what you just said as an excuse. When any gamer knows that when it comes to fighting games online you want to reduce as much latency as possible. Oh but it's 2013 right??? Moron....,

MrSwankSinatra2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

*Double post*

_QQ_2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@mrswanksinatra, sorry if you can't afford wireless. no need to get butthurt.

deafdani2263d ago

A wired connection is better and more stable than a wireless one. That's a fact.

There are competitive players that prefer to tether their consoles to a wired connection, even if they do have a wireless setup. I can see and understand MrSwankSinatra's annoyance at the Wii U's lack of ethernet port.

I wouldn't qualify said lacking as a "screw up", but the Wii U would've definitely benefitted from an ethernet port, and I don't think that would've added much to the production costs, if at all. It's a pretty simple technology.

Highlife2263d ago

I have wireless laptops tablets and phones but my ps3 is wired why cause wired is better than wireless. Plus it's not like I am going to move the thing.

PrimeGrime2263d ago

Exactly its 2013.

"sorry if you can't afford wireless. no need to get butthurtsorry if you can't afford wireless. no need to get butthurt"

So that comment doesn't make sense, you are contradicting yourself.

I haven't known a internet provider to supply any modems anymore that don't support WiFi. So the chances are in 2013, if you can afford internet, you have a modem that supports WiFi as well at no extra cost.

I haven't received a modem in years that didn't have WiFi unless it was from the 90's.

socks2263d ago

Lopez, time for a couple google searches. Wireless is crap compared to wired online gaming.

Then again, you were probably fine with the trash online that Nintendo gave you with the Wii.

_QQ_2263d ago

@socks i run on wireless,play Diamond/Platinum level on starcraft2 other than Masters league and actual tournaments, online gaming doesn't get any more competitive than that.

UltimateMaster2263d ago

Yeah, even if you can get the internet with wi-fi, it's still more stable playing it over ethernet.

Hell, I couldn't get the Wii U to work because of the type of Wi-Fi I used wasn't supported!

I had to go somewhere else, download the new patch, and Then it worked.

It was very inconvenient. Like how you must go to the Wii OS in order to access Wii games, why couldn't they just built it into the new OS?

Anyway... They are slowly bringing back the Virtual Consoles Wii games unto the Wii U.

3-4-52263d ago

Yes and in 2013, physics still apply

deafdani2263d ago

Lopez, Starcraft sure as hell is a damn competitive environment, but it isn't affected as heavily by lag as fighting games are. Just stop.

_QQ_2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

what difference does the game actually make if my wireless doesn't lag, what can i say, sorry you have america online??

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Gemmol2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

either internet is fast for me wifi or ethernet.....if you prefer ethernet then I can see why you would be upset that its not included....I had a wii lan adapter someone wasnt using that I know, so I was able to try out both they the same.....Ps3 on the other hand is slow on wifi but i read recently the ps4 improve the wifi so it should be like the Wii U and give a faster connection.....I think ps4 added Wireless N too, but basically I am proud sony not putting that cheap wifi they had in the ps3 in the ps4......the reason I bring up ps3 because I am thinking thats why you wrote that comment because ps3 wifi is slower then their ethernet port so you assume the Wii U use the same ps3 wifi thats built in.........I have not tried the wifi on 360 so im assuming you talking about ps3 wifi being slow so you thought the Wii U wifi slow

SweetDangos2263d ago

The wifi on 360 is wireless G is you get the old adapter or wireless N if you purchase the newer one with 2 antennas. Gaming on a wireless connection on PS3 is unplayable. 360 and Wii U are fine.

gedden72263d ago

A $5 - $15 adapter is extremely affordable...


Dravidian2263d ago

Pretty much this. Ebay is your friend.

gedden72263d ago

They vote down the truth but wont reply... TYPICAL..

lilbroRx2263d ago

You do know that you can use a usb for wired Ethernet connections right?

SweetDangos2263d ago

I thought so too at first but nintendo is using wireless N instead of G like the PS3 uses. Sure it's not as fast as an ethernet but the difference between the two in terms of ping is so miniscule for me. Wireless N I'll speedtest a ping of 22. Ethernet just makes it 18. Not a hug difference. I've played blackops2 online, injustice, and tekken tag 2 on Wii U and the connection is great. Your internet just sucks

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ChickeyCantor2263d ago

Oh come on mii-gamer, you don't like the 90's internet emulation they put in Brawl? Class A programming right there. /s

PygmelionHunter2263d ago

I couldn't even get the damn thing to work ONCE. I'm dead effing serious.

SweetDangos2263d ago

I have 400 hours in brawl online. Works well for me

Kalebninja2263d ago

yea i didnt even want to play online b4

-there isnt a new screenshot today i hope that means something good like a reveal

kirbyu2263d ago

There was one. It's of Mega Man and WFT on Skyloft.

Kalebninja2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

it aint on the website yet then...or wait do u mean the one with pit?

kirbyu2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

If you go on the site and you don't see it, hit refresh 2 or 3 times.

Or just go here:

kirbyu2263d ago

Or go ahead and mess it up if you want, I don't care about online play.

socks2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I guess you represent the rest of us.

gedden72263d ago

BTW they wont.. Umm Namco is helping create the game...

Sould Caliber has EXCELLENT ONLINE FEATURES!!! Im sure it will be better on Wii U!

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