What Would Happen if Electronic Arts Just Went Away?

PC World writes: "Test the hypothesis. What would happen if EA suddenly vanished? We'd almost certainly see a destabilization of the speculative investment aspect of video gaming with publicly traded media giants like EA rising and falling on the whims of pundits and misty-magical psychology-driven brouhaha (not such a terrible thing as far as I'm concerned) as well as a whole slew of suddenly unemployed, highly talented designers (a very bad thing, of course). To be sure, the bad would almost certainly outweigh the good for at least the short term, so let's get this much straight: I'm not advocating EA's dissolution, and I'm thoroughly on record by way of reviews celebrating happy events like Crysis, Rock Band, and Command & Conquer 3.

But aside from those, what exactly would we lose if EA folded tomorrow game-wise? EA's long been a stagnant "me-too" publisher in the minds of the gaming press -- clearly not a risk-taker -- and most gaming diehards are sick to tears of the company's perennial sports refreshes, something I think Riccitiello to his credit acknowledges when he admits 'We're boring people to death...there's been lots of product that looked like last year's product, that looked a lot like the year before.'"

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princejb1343840d ago

personally i dont like EA
in my opinion they are lazy and just dont care enough about gamers

shadowghost7523840d ago

GTA will not be ruined after EA takes over Take Two

Tempist3840d ago

If EA did somehow collapse there would be this massive void filled with a bunch of small upstart game companies. That in itself would bring a 10 year golden-age / renaissance to the industry, spawning fun and creative games. Sure they wouldn't be COD4s or Halo 3s, but they would be like living Katamari Damacy all over again.

heyheyhey3840d ago

even more so if Activision and Ubisoft went down with them

and you can chuck in Capcom, Codemasters, THQ and Sega too

then it really would be a weird gaming world filled with obscure games where the objective is to gain enough EXP to masturbate at a really high speed

fenderputty3840d ago

all the companies fighting over the sports void. I would love to see some creative and fun sports titles again.

IntelligentAj3840d ago

100% agreed fenderputty. Who knows what they'll come up with with healthy competition.

Megaton3840d ago

Very well said, Tempist. A massive wave of creative, fresh, and purely fun titles washing away the corporate status quo of mediocre ideas, that have been recycled over and over again to feed the consuming sheeple.

One can dream...

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T_O873840d ago

well i think Activision will take their place

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The story is too old to be commented.