Nintendo 3DS: The Year the Console Goes West

A look at some of the 3DS' most hyped games for the year.

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Masterman2802259d ago

- Pokemon X and Y
- Pokemon X and Y 3DS/3DS Bundle
- TloZ: A Link Between Worlds
- Sonic Lost Worlds
- Nintendo 2DS and at $130/£110 !!!! That's a bargain

Christmas is looking great for Nintendo.

TekoIie2259d ago

Followed by Yoshi's New Island and SSMB4 in 2014 :D

3DS has just become a pretty solid system with a huge amount of variety :)

Masterman2802259d ago

Yeah people are even calling it the greatest system so far. I never played a Yoshi Island game till the Ambassasor Program on the 3DS, and i enjoyed it so i'm definetly looking forward to YNI, and Super Smash Bros on the go... i need a bigger shelf for my games.