HOME not included in firmware 2.30

Noel Silvia said in a reply to SLICKT8000 on the official PS Blog :

Despite what some rumour mongers would like for you to believe, no, Home is NOT a part of this update.

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chaosatom3333843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I am guessing that 2.4 will bring in-game communication.
Home will be a download or something.

I am pretty sure that after gtaiv, people will forget about home for a little more than a while.

Elvfam5113843d ago

man i just want updates really like it use to be every month so the ps3 can get better each time whether its making the online work smoother or adding something to the ps3 and Home let it come whenever it needs to and the in-game xmb too not really wanting those right now (but i want them) the last recent updates are the sh!t love them can't wait in till the next one

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season0073843d ago

HOME can come with a firmware but it doesn't necessary have to be included in the firmware, it is purely optional, those who don't like fancy stuff can save some space on their HDD

and since beta testers are already running home on their PS3, i am guessing HOME will be made available as a seperate download instead of necessary download with the firmware

chaosatom3333843d ago

maybe people disagree because they don't get to be the first person to comment.

znu3843d ago

i was wondering that too, lol
why have you got disagrees? don't worry, i'll give you bubbles!

fenderputty3842d ago

Home isn't going to require a download. The PS3 already has what it needs in it's end. It's only a network addition that Sony has to put in place.

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sonarus3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Do you really think home will just randomly appear in a firmware update. When home comes you will know like a week in advance. No matter what though it won't stop ps3 owners from waiting for it in firmware 2.301. 2.4 is also not confirmed. Only thing semi confirmed there is in game communication's whatever that is

Amanosenpai3843d ago

2.3 Store PIMPing (April, days before GTA4 and GT5p for US)

2.4 In game communication (June, days before MGS4 launch)

2.? maybe 3.00... Home integration (July or August)

INehalemEXI3843d ago

It does seem that July is when Home is coming.

uie4rhig3843d ago

so wot about that random surprise on monday? can it be Home?

znu3843d ago

we were suppose to get home in october, i wanted it so bad and then, its delayed

i never understood why there isnt an open beta where anyone can participate. if some people have it why can't others? The products not finsihed but id be better if everybody reported bugs instead of less amount of people

when it does finally release the servers will probably crash lol, everyone with a ps3 logs in at the exact same time.

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EZCheez3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

This is the first Home story I've approved in a while, and I only did because it's straight from the blog.

That and people talking about Home coming every week is just getting annoying.

Some of you people here make Home sound like that Weekly World News magazine and the cover stories about how the world was defnitely ending next week. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next.

EDIT-What a surprise. There are already posts in here about when it's coming.

SeanScythe3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

It's good to know it's not coming. To many people get up their hopes only to have them crashed afterwards. I could only imagine how many people would be complaining if they had said nothing and then it not show up.

Home is coming when we least expect it! On the day of the week that ends with "Y"!

MikeGdaGod3843d ago

i just wish people didn't get their hopes up so high.

being in the beta, i can say it's not the coming of Christ.

fenderputty3843d ago

Do you think that might be because there are not many people using it? Aren't a lot of the features left out too?

I'm mostly stoked on Ingame XMB. I want Home but, Sony is really dragging their feet on this one.

Wallonsi3843d ago

HOME will come when its ready.

BulletToothtony3843d ago

thinks that home will come when is NOT ready LOL... he's probably gonna disagree with me too