Xbox One Games Will Still Have Loading Screens

Gameranx: "Games will continue to have loading screens on next-gen consoles."

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ABeastNamedTariq2259d ago

Yeah, but hopefully they should be a lot shorter. A loading screen is fine as long as I get to look at something pretty, like the cars on Forza 5's loading screen.

Kayant2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yh... I hope the amount of games using loading screen next-gen with reduce a lot and the hiccups you something see when you move into a new area with be gone it gets really annoying sometimes.

redwin2259d ago

I really dislike the title here. This anti-Xbox sentiment is making me really hate the establishment and I'm really contemplating canceling my PS4 order. I hate bullying !

MRMagoo1232259d ago


LMFAO you are "contemplating canceling my(your) PS4 order" because ppl dont like MS ? thats the funniest thing i have read all day.

Eonjay2259d ago

Why wouldn't there be a loading screen? I mean really. Some games will be loading Gigs of data into memory. I believe it takes 41 seconds to fill up 8GB of DDR3 memory and like 26 seconds to fill up 8GB of GDDR5 memory. Expect loading times to be about 15 seconds on average for XOne and 8 seconds on PS4

TeaRunner2258d ago


Agreed! It's just a poorly constructed heading to a casual answer of a question. He replies that loading screens depends on what the game is trying to load. Obviously, any "next-gen" game may need loading screens depending on what they are trying to push.

"Games will continue to have loading screens on next-gen consoles." is the subtitle though. But that title too (for its generalization) just reeks bad journalism.

madpuppy2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )


cancel it, it's your right, and besides nobody really cares what you do. you have no influence on what anyone does besides yourself.

Ironically, though, you are being manipulated.

don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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PSVita2259d ago

Does the PS4 not have any load screens?

Kayant2259d ago

That's hard to say because like Albert Penello it's more of a developer/design choice than the console. With the amount of ram both consoles have I hope most open world games will be like Just cause 2 with no loading screens.

nosferatuzodd2259d ago

they all will have loading screen that cant be avoided no matter how technology has evolve you cant completely get rid of latency

OC_MurphysLaw2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I think its also important to separate "initial boot up laoding screen" versus in game level loading screens. The later I would hope will be cut down significantly or gone (like in Dead Rising 3). But we will still get load screens in one form or another.

Godmars2902259d ago

Can't see why it wont. You'll be playing the same games on it, running the same software.

ThanatosDMC2259d ago

Of course it will. I mean, the devs will go for the least common denominator, right?

ginsunuva2259d ago

Depends on the game, silly.

mewhy322259d ago

I'm sure that PS4 will have some load screens but not as many as the bone. I mean DDR3 just can't keep up with the PS4 GDDR5. so to keep it going there will have to be pauses and loading screens to get the data into the slow DDR3.

MasterCornholio2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yeah the PS4 still has loading screens. Heres one in this video.

To watch a stream:

To join a game:

It only took a few seconds but thats still a load screen.

BitbyDeath2259d ago

Hard to say, the only game we've seen boot up was killzone multiplayer which had no loading screens. But that might be a game by game thing.

Red_Devilz2259d ago

I don't have most accurate answer to that question. But, If you've seen Sony pre-conference show at Gamescom 2013 where Shu. Yoshida was using PS4 UI, he could jump right into the game within 7sec of loading time. (From out of game to actual gameplay).

To me, this gives *some* idea how fast PS4 is going to be. May be we can get more info as launch date nears.

sinjonezp2258d ago

I think it will always be there. When you look at loading its not just the ram involved, its also the CPU, HDD, and disc. These systems do not have solid state drives and the time it takes for the HDD to send the data through the pipelines will still take several seconds. Not to mention if its disc based; how long will it take data to transfer from the blu ray drive. The last system to have no loading was the n64 I believe and that was cartridge based. So the most they can do is reduce the time; not completely eliminate it.

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StillGray2259d ago

I don't mind loading screens as long as they're short.

kewlkat0072259d ago

We should be asking how will game devs hid loading screens...I'm sure there are some tricks...

TalonJH2259d ago

Mass Effect's Elevators on The Citadel was a disguised loading screen. Some other games like Uncharted loads during cutscenes.

Xsilver2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

lets look at last of us and uncharted they had loadscreen when u hit start the game and u play through the whole game without loading screens after that.

XB1_PS42258d ago

That's all due to how clever ND is at hiding it. Also, the game doesn't really have "levels" per say, just a world that continuously loads around you while playing!

A game where you go from menu to level will need loading screens because it can't predict what level you'll play to preload it.

FamilyGuy2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Light needs to be shed here

Currently, on the PS3 there are games that pre-load the next environment when you get near them or during game cinematics and cut-scenes.

As far as in-game load screens are concerned, when traveling from one area of a game to a new area of a game you actually SHOULDN'T expect to see any load screens. The only times you should expect to see load screens on a PS4 game is during the initial start up of a game that you weren't previously playing already. This goes for exclusives specifically but you should see a faster load in multiplatform titles as well.

A large, very fast, united pool or RAM means game areas can and will be pre-loaded before you get to that point allowing for no visible load times whatsoever in some cases.

This information was talked about ever since Sony's initial console reveal back in Feb.

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GarrusVakarian2259d ago

Never minded loading screens as long as they aren't ridiculously long (Skyrim) as as long as they have something nice to look at while waiting.

FullMetalTech2259d ago

I think more first party games will probably have none or less. I can see 3rd party games having them since both consoles will get similar builds.

OC_MurphysLaw2259d ago

Ofcourse there will still be loading screens. Even Ultra High End PC's have loading screens. Just because we are moving to next gen doesn't mean we are now able to instantly zap the game data into the consoles GPU, CPU & RAM for use. It's still gotta get loaded into the system.

CoLD FiRE2259d ago

But a high end PC with games installed on an SSD takes only a few seconds to load levels. Let's just hope next-gem consoles are not as painful as current-gem when it comes to loading.

Crazay2259d ago

Annnnd the point is what? Does anyone really get all bent out of shape over a small loading screen? If it takes 20+ seconds then I can see that but for me who cares?

Lubu2259d ago

The Lego City Undercover load times are atrocious.
While the Diablo 3 Console load times are extremely fast.
Hopefully next gen will be closer to diablo, than Lego City.

Crazay2259d ago

The Diablo 3 load times are more than acceptable in my opinion. Practically seamless

Thehyph2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yup, unless you're expecting the load screen in Diablo 3, don't expect to be able to read the little text snippets at the bottom.
The game loads so fast.

I liked how fast Shuhei got into Killzone at the Gamescom conference. Hopefully, most games will be like that.

I was wondering something about ps4. I don't know if it's been answered or not. Can the ps4 preserve a game to be instant resumed while in low power state? I would love to see this feature. It's phenomenal on Vita. I usually have Dragon's Crown open for days at a time.

Edit: It does! Sick! I must have missed that at the February reveal.

redwin2259d ago

Loading is to the developer .