CVG Interview: Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg On The Innovator's Dilemma

Activision CEO thinks that they have been taking risks and creating innovation.

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US8F2263d ago

They have shown some real innovation but yet they don't list them down as in what did they innovate for this new game. This shows me that it is just lip service, nothin more. Destiny looks awesome, COD not so much.

Boody-Bandit2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

COD not so much?

Did you not see the new amazing fish AI?

Thehyph2263d ago

I suppose it's easy to fund risks when they publish the biggest money grab in the business every single year.

The worst part about it is that they've gotten people used to it. So much so that the people who play the game have to buy into it to keep playing with friends.

A game, a season pass, and (if you're on 360) a subscription to live every year is almost like paying for a console every year.


Baka-akaB2263d ago

Yup it's easier , and yet they dont even do it .

fardan852263d ago

I think you haven't notice the real innovation. Didn't you see it? forget about 1080p or 60 fps or new gameplay mechanic..etc we are looking at revolutionary and game changing innovation. We're getting FISH & DOG in the new COD. This is so next gen. I can't play anymore on my ps3 or vita, I need the damn FISH right now.

HolyDuck2263d ago

Ah yes, risks.

Risks like publishing the same game with a different name and different guns every year, real risk takers you lot.


different guns... I think that is being kind to them.

for the most part they have had the same guns each ear as well. with each new game they add maybe 2 or 3 new guns and take out 1 or 2 old guns and that is how they have slowly given the illusion of adding new gunz.

burgerboy7802263d ago

Real innovation= fish, dogs.

Risks= maybe they wanted to tell lack of appetite for risks, we can forgive you for your miscommunication activision.

gaelic_laoch2263d ago

We’ve shown some “real innovation” and an “appetite” for “risks”

A dog and a lead woman in COD...................WOW!!!!! !

Both a victory for woman and animal rights within games came at such a big risk!

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The story is too old to be commented.