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Let’s clear something up – I loved Return To Castle Wolfenstein back in 2001. While it was the multiplayer that stole much of my free time (I was the sneakiest of Medics, yo) its single player campaign was fun, challenging, and full of interesting weapons (and foes to use them on.) Fast forward to 2009 and it’s a very different story. Wolfenstein felt incredibly off in almost every aspect with a single player campaign that didn’t engaged me at all, and a multiplayer that had no real focus (don't get me started on those Veil powers... ugh) ultimately being my sole regretful purchase of that year. So, to say I was nervous heading into my hands-on session with the next entry in the franchise was something of an understatement – I really wanted this to be as fun as RTCW.

Sat down in a room with a handful of other journalists, I was allowed to play the beginning of the game in its current Alpha build form, as timeless hero “B.J” Blazkowicz is joined by an team of Allied soldiers raiding the fortress of Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strass, one of the recurring antagonists of the series. It’s here we return to the familiar World War II setting – artillery fire off in the distance, storming castles with huge halls inside, and, of course, many Nazis to kill. Sure, it’s nothing we haven’t seen or played before, but after a somewhat lengthy intro cinematic, it all kicked off.

And to borrow a quote from another infamous gaming series, war has never been so much fun.

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