Six Xbox 360 Games That'll Cost $10 to Upgrade to Xbox One Version

There are a boatload of new games coming out in the next few weeks. Almost all of the upcoming title will be available on both current and next generation consoles except for Grand Theft Auto V. There is no doubt that an Xbox One version of a game will be a lot different than the Xbox 360 version of the same game.

So, the nice guys at Microsoft have extended an olive branch and offered the next gen edition of the six games above for only $10 if you own the current gen edition. That way, you can purchase the current generation edition guilt free knowing next gen is around the corner.

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RamsesNum12268d ago

I hope this applies to more than just these 6 titles.

SITH2268d ago

Out of that six, I am only getting BF4.

koolaid2512267d ago

You must hate sports lol.

Wikkid6662268d ago

Nice!!! Well done troll!

gaelic_laoch2268d ago

LOL Ye can't even take a compliment!!!!

Hicken2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

The interesting thing is that the PS4 is doing this as well.

Edit: Not sure. It's possible. I just know both are doing it.

GentlemenRUs2267d ago

Didn't Sony announce it first though?

Wintersun6162268d ago

Good to see that MS will do this too. I just hope that both Sony and MS will eventually give this opportunity to most if not all cross-gen titles.

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