Attack on Titan 3DS First Scan

Spike Chunsoft is developing an Attack on Titan video game for Nintendo 3DS. A new scan from Bessatsu Shonen magazine confirms it will be an action game and it has 3D graphics.

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--Onilink--2264d ago

gotta say.. even for a licensed game.. those graphics... a little more effort would be appreciated.

Misaka_x_Touma2264d ago

screenshots and videos do notbdo 3DS games justice

--Onilink--2264d ago

i know what you mean, i have a 3DS XL and know that screenshots usually make it look way more pixelated because they are expanded.

But this is not what I mean for this game, it just looks ugly with horrible textures... hopefully that will change before it comes out, but as of now... ugly as hell. The 3DS can definitely do better (see for example One Piece)

Odoylerules0002264d ago

This is a pretty cool website