10 Grand Ways to Dump Your Girlfriend before GTA V Arrives

iLLGaming writer,T.Ray writes:
"Dudes, that epic moment is drawing near! Yes, GTA V is hardly 2 weeks away from you, what are you doing about it? Y’know that the game is supposed to last for infinity right? 700+ default online missions plus you can customise and upload your own matches, there will be heavy social integration between your game style and your friends circle on your console, and not to forget a classic GTA story with a never ending twist to it too. Also for people with GTA Special Edition there is something little special inside the game, only time will tell.
What I primarily mean to say is, do you still look into the prospect of quitting your game or pausing it repeatedly for a woman who is ultimately going to dump you for a worse piece of sh*t? Grow up and disown such restrainments, because Rockstar is giving you 3 lives at the price of one this fall. And you can blow sh*t up once again, flirt with random women and if you strike lucky, you can take them flying in your private jet. But there are complications like in every game if you play in the Realistic settings; the question here is, how to deal with this dumping idea. For a start let me tell you it isn’t an utopian idea, of course you can stick to her, but such sticking to a stick may put sticks in your otherwise deserved break. In case you are headstrong with me in this one, here’s Way #10 to dump your pathetic partner"

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PCGamingNoobs2262d ago

hahaha funny article, just sent it to the other half, see what she has to say about this.

IanVanCheese2262d ago

Lol at the disagrees. Apparently no one believes that a stranger on the internet could possibly have a partner.

Elimin82262d ago

Luckily I don't have to. She loves watching me play like she's at the fkin theatre or something... lol

PCGamingNoobs2262d ago

hmm was thinking why i have so many disagrees, oh well not much i can do i suppose, sad people disagreeing with fact of someones life they dont know.

and for the record she asked which one i was going to tell her and its a shame she was looking forward to playing to (which i know is a lie lol) and i told her she makes the worlds worst salad.... no reply

Jovanian 2262d ago

dumb article rehashing stuff we already know about GTA5 in a poor attempt at humor...

laijka2262d ago

#5 wouldn't work for me. She loves that movie almost more than I do.

xruiner892262d ago

No need, mine broke up with me after 3 and a half years last week. Guess i'll just play GTA V.

MrReeves2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Ill bang any bitch that get it the way of ................. Knack(ers) (no thnx for GTA)

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The story is too old to be commented.