TimeShift Developer Responds to Dyack - Saber CEO Matthew Karch talks storytelling, how his company is run, and their next project

1UP writes: "It all started back at this year's GDC, where outspoken game developer Denis Dyack butted heads with Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch at a panel on storytelling. Karch and his company's practices came up again during our interview with Dyack on 1UP a few weeks later. When Saber Interactive contacted 1UP asking that we allow Karch to express his side of the story as well, we thought that only seemed fair.

Saber Interactive is probably best known for their most recent game, TimeShift, a fall-releasing shooter from last year that came and went rather quickly compared to its over-extended development time. TimeShift wasn't particularly praised for its story, perhaps partially due to Karch's self-proclaimed overriding concern with other elements in his games, so that's where our conversation began."

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