Uwe Boll's grip on reality is slipping

From the article: "Not long ago, Uwe Boll, answering questions about what was, at the time a small online petition, asking him to stop making awful game movies, told the media that if that petition ever had a million signatures on it, he'd vow to end his film making career. That was about 150,000 signatures ago. Now, in this video on Youtube, he appears to be getting a little nervous.

How do I know? Well, nervous people swear a lot."

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Ghoul3839d ago


boll is one of a kind.

MorganX3839d ago

I respect his response. Though his movies do tend to suck.

Yi-Long3839d ago

... cause he's a useless crappy moviemaker, who keeps getting the chance to ruin potential nice projects, which naturally pisses people in the community off...

These two small youtube videos he made to speak out about all the hate, are actually the best movies he's ever made!

If he wants to be a serious moviemaker, he should just think up his own stories and projects, and make those.
The only reason that he's well-known right now, is not because of the quality of his work, but the name-recognition his projects already had, and how he has single-handedly ruined each and every one of those projects.

pizzavideogames3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Apparently uwe boll had a grip on reality at some point

I remain skeptical

He's probably seen to many German shista videos

Covenant3838d ago

Or maybe he's the guy in those videos with Cartman's mom... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.