Watch The First 25 Minutes Of Outlast

eGamer South Africa brings you the first twenty five minutes of Red Barrels' terrifying Outlast in a Let's Play.

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GarrusVakarian2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

No thanks, i like my boxers white, not brown. :p

Tody_ZA2268d ago

Hahaha xD But few things get the blood pumping like a great horror game!

Tody_ZA2267d ago

Holy hell you might be onto something there, nick309.

TrevorPhillips2268d ago

Playing this game right now and I'm going to tell you now that I have jumped of my seat a lot of times. It's freaking scary I tell ya haha

Shadonic2267d ago

to scared to play watched 50 minutes of gameplay and was too scared to sleep without the lights on last night.

treeson472268d ago

just beat it and it was honestly one of my favorite horror games if not my favorite. don't watch the video, just play it for yourself. it's one hell of an experience.

I_am_Batman2268d ago

I've seen enough of this game to know that I want it. I'll have to wait another couple of months though cause I'll be getting it on the PS4.

Tody_ZA2267d ago

Awesome! How long is the game roundabout, treeson47?

treeson472267d ago

I think i started playing around 11:30/12 and i didn't finish the game until around 5 am. It's short enough to knock out in one sitting, but didn't feel short. I like to marathon through games but I think my experience was better for it this time around, it's such an intense experience that when i was finally nearing the end I got a sense of relief that I don't think I would have gotten if I had played it in multiple sittings...then's a terrifying game haha

Pintheshadows2268d ago

It is bloody terrifying. Makes Amnesia look like happy fun times.

MasterCornholio2268d ago

Well its a free game so i might as well download it.

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