Sega Offers Up to $100 in Reparation to Players Affected by Disastrous Phantasy Star Online 2 Patch

Yesterday a horribly botched Phantasy Star Online 2 update wiped several files, including critical system ones from the PCs of many players.

Today Sega announced the conclusion of its investigation and that the company is ready to make amends.

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DA_SHREDDER2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

still only wanna be on pc? Ha ha ha! that's what you get, take notes to how successful FF14 is on the ps3 right now. You could have been part of this Sega. Just like you could have made an HD sequel to Skies. But you make these idiot decisions, so now suffer the consequences. Now you gotta pay people who played your game. Hahahaha! Karma is a Beotch! Thats why consoles, despite having "inferior hardware" > pc

Abriael2259d ago

I smell a troll. You know what's the difference between the PC version of FFXIV and the PS3 version?

That the PC version shreds the PS3 version's visuals into a grinder.

AzureskyZ2259d ago

I think there is more ps3 players than pc though-- pc might have better specs but its certainly plays well on ps3-- i have both copies--one from 1.0 with pc and ps3 copies.

KonsoruMasuta2259d ago

Visuals aren't the only thing that matters in a game though.

PersonaCat2259d ago

Actually, the pc has far more players than the ps3 version. I was watching a podcast last night and they were saying there was info out that had the pc to ps3 ratio at 70/30.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2259d ago

Konsoru is right. Things like framerate are also important...oh wait. PC still does that better. Silly me.

ThanatosDMC2259d ago

PC version has more players online actually.

kreate2259d ago


Yea but ur comparing a 7 yr old $250 ps3 to a $500 -$800 pc w no blu ray player.

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bothebo2259d ago

Lol you can never crap on a PC gamer as a Console owner. You know that DLC you had to wait for and pay for, I got it for free!

Nerdmaster2259d ago

So when erasing Soul Calibur 3's save data corrupted your whole memory card, you said what about console games?

DA_SHREDDER2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I get upset at the fact that Sega started PS on console till PSO online the original and putting only psu for the 360. Im not the one being a fanboy. Stupid Sega are the fanboys. This is exactly the perfect example of what went wrong witht them

@ Nerdmaster, i didin't like SC, I'm a MvC dude. lol

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HammadTheBeast2259d ago


This will be a big blow to Sega.

sashimi2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

$100 worth of ingame currency or $50 cash voucher the ouch, SEGA can't do much right these days.

Snookies122259d ago

I think it's safe to say whoever caused this fudge up got fired.

Saryk2259d ago

LOL or he was bent over and screwed by everyone in the office!

ThanatosDMC2259d ago

HAHHAHA! Funniest comment i've read today. Bubbles to you.