Kojima stealthily hides in Square Enix booth during Comic Con

When Kojima visited Comic Con this year, it was as if he was trapped in one his own games, because he had to hide from the hordes of fans who wanted a picture or an autograph.

On the Kojima Productions Alert 6, host Chris Johns talked about his experience visiting a crowded place full of fans that recognized Hideo Kojima.

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CustardTrout2263d ago

I really wish this said "closet"

Stuart57562263d ago

Why? Do you suspect him to be a "closet" homosexual, or do you simply think it would be a happy accident to use such terminology? After all he is the creator of the manliest stealth game ever, it's not like he gave the games core character a suspiciously noticeable round, pert buttock section in MGS4.....

Wait a minute!