Kane and Lynch DLC Details

On April 17, Eidos will release a set of four Kane and Lynch multiplayer maps to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network at the friendly price of absolutely free. To learn a bit more about what we can expect out of the download, IGN went to Kim Krogh, game director for the fragile alliance multiplayer mode.

IGN: Does this map pack come with a software update to fix some of the issues found in the original game?

Kim Krogh: Yes, and we separated the title update and the DLC, so that everybody gets the title update when they play Fragile Alliance. In the title update we have fixed the connectivity problems, and bugs like being sent back to the start menu when a game session ended or a problem occurred.

We also removed friendly fire between re-spawned players. Too often we experienced that two players teamed up and when one of them died he started killing the other re-spawned player police. That's within the concept. But then mercs and re-spawned police started sharing the money which kind of spoiled it for the many people who just wanted to have some fun.

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solar3892d ago

i played the demo finally off the PSN and it didnt seem THAT bad to not rent and try it out.

heyheyhey3891d ago

your not wrong

the demo wasnt that bad

well the graphics were awful, the controls were abysmal but at the end of the day- it was quite fun

solar3891d ago

i do agree with the controls a bit.

Clinton5143891d ago

Especially while playing co-op. I finished it with my cousin within 6 hours. Online was pretty fun but a bit laggy.

gnothe13891d ago

i have had back aches that I enjoyed more than this game!! it was so hyped, i bought it for the 360 an that game was terrible.

IzKyD13313891d ago

Kane and Lynch?

Sjoeter3891d ago

the game-mode is original but the game itself sucks!