Need for Speed: Rivals Preview | NZGamer

NZGamer: "It was with much interest (and not inconsiderable trepidation) that I had a crack at Need for Speed: Rivals at Gamescom last month. The idea of racing around at high speed, playing a high-stakes game of cops and robbers, is thrilling indeed, but I don't really want to sign up for another crash fest or go through a frustrating learning curve as I memorize the environments."

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2264d ago
SKULLFACE2264d ago

I just hope that this will be the game to bring the series back from the dead.:)

ironfist922264d ago

If EA were smart, theyd make a true Underground 3

But of course I guess they dont like having money thrown at them, so whatever

MWong2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

The visuals of the game look good, but the game has not changed from NFS: Most Wanted. The 2012 version not the good 2005 version, you know the one with the BMW on the cover. EA seriously needs to take a step back and listen to the community.

The series is pretty boring and no this entry will not bring the series back from the dead. This is BurnOut Paradise 3 (NFS:MW 2012 edition was BO:P2), without the epic crashes.

JuniorCE2264d ago

This new Need for Speed looks awesome... But the feeling of an Arcade simulation really makes me to not buy this game for now...

Master-H2264d ago

I'm not buying any NFS game until they bring back customization and that urban street racing feel the old MW and Underground games had, i dont wanna feel like a douche driving around in buggatti's and Zondas, give me a freakin supped up supra and i'll be on my way