Microsoft Begins The Independent Self-Publishing Process For Xbox One

[email protected], the program where developers can apply to bring their games to Xbox One without the partnership of a publisher, has begun the process of bringing game creators into the Xbox One fold. Microsoft started accepting applications late last month, and according to its official Twitter account, responses to those applicants are going out this week.

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Fireseed2262d ago

Wonder how many devs are going to make the cut?

YNWA962262d ago

Hopefully this will weed out the obvious groups that clone and never bring nothing original to the table...

5eriously2262d ago

Rather ask what cut is M$ going to make out of the Devs?

ThanatosDMC2262d ago

70% or more. Yup, nothing less.

IWasHere2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

That never happended if Sony wouldn't boost the indie scene.
Microsoft copys PS4 and makes a PlayBox One :)