Project Phoenix's Release on PS4 and PS Vita Now Officially Confirmed

While before it was something that had just a "90% chance" to happen, at last Project Phoenix's release on PS4 and PS Vita has been officially confirmed.

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NewMonday2265d ago

hopefully the new MegaMan like game will also come to Vita, it is the only platform I'm comfortable playing 2d games on.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

if u buy it on ps4 u play it on vita anyway lol.

If it happens on ps4 it happens on vita.


not the correct sound to go with that clip. the sound homers making in the vid actually comes from the episode where he fights the power plant to keep the dental plan.

sorry sorry! just a fan..

ABeastNamedTariq2265d ago

Nice! I'm really, really excited about this. More (J)RPGs is always a good thing.

Eonjay2265d ago

This sounds really good so far. I'm glad its coming to Vita as Well.

yellowgerbil2265d ago

doesn't this make the first jrpg to be confirmed for the PS4?

AznGaara2265d ago

Well Level 5 is working on a JRPG for Ps4 but that's apparently in planning stages. Also there was FFXV and KH3.

yellowgerbil2265d ago

oh yeah. forget those are jrpgs...

FamilyGuy2265d ago

Do you guys really think of action based RPGs as JRPGs? I always think of JRPGs as the ones that have a menu to select an attack rather than a having them mapped to buttons or button combinations.

Action-based JRPG, JRPG just makes me think of a turn-based fighting system or menu selecting attacks in real time.

I like them all either way.

Abriael2265d ago

nope, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III were confirmed first

FamilyGuy2265d ago

Deep Down is an RPG too you know? Capcom = Japan

So if you want to get technical Deep Down was confirmed first.

porkChop2265d ago

Isn't Deep Down an RPG? That was announced the day the PS4 was revealed.

KwietStorm2265d ago

I don't think that's a 'JRPG,' just a RPG made by the J's.

jujubee882265d ago

It's a JRPG? I know Japanese devs are working on it, but what elements of JRPG did the creators have in mind? (Sorry I haven't been following the game too much)

devwan2265d ago

Not many, it seems limited to world exploration and character building, but the actual combat (the main focus of any game for me) it's not a JRPG at all. People like to disagree with these comments but don't offer any response - just a "disagree" vote.

Mr-SellJack2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

no SoulSaga,Kingdom Hearts 3,FFXV,FFXIV A Realm Reborn,Deep Down,Level 5's wonderflick were confirmed before

cocadaking2265d ago

Nope, Soul Saga is the first.

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sherimae24132265d ago

to all the doubters, what now?

sony is being aggressive in games lately specially the indies so it really boggles me how some users here doubt that 90% chance that this game will come to PS4 and VITA....

Hicken2265d ago

You know the doubters will continue to doubt. It's what they do.

sherimae24132265d ago

yeah even if its a 99% chance of success, the doubters and haters will still cling to that 1% chance of failure...

tiffac0082265d ago

Haters will always hate.

Ritsujun2265d ago

They have nothing to love.

dredgewalker2265d ago

Same with all believers that doubt the doubters, believing without a doubt that their belief will undoubtedly quench all doubts of disbelief :P

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The story is too old to be commented.