What Franchises Went From "Day 1" To "Day Whenever"?

PSXE: You can't always be sure which franchises you'll always buy on day one. We want to know which you've had to re-prioritize this generation and why that is so.

Did Dragon Age II restrict you? Maybe GTA has changed too much. Perhaps you've been called to duty one too many times. Sound off in the comments and let's compare notes.

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yellowgerbil2261d ago

well the first 100 wonderful games were for lack of a better word Wonderful, and were a must buy day one for me. But I don't know, maybe the series has gotten stale or maybe it's that I don't intend on ever buying a WiiU, but I don't think I am gunna rush out and buy Wonderful 101

zeal0us2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

It took a few seconds for it to sink in but I got it.
Hmmm what series went from day 1 to day whenever.
-Definitely FF(as said below).
-Any franchise title by Bethesda. Bugs galore
-Any fighting games made or publish by Capcom.
-Halo. Given that I only care for SP. I rather catch it on sell or just rent it.

2261d ago
Jdoki2261d ago

Dead Rising has gone from 'Day 1' to 'Day When I Decide To Buy An X1, If Ever'

Final Fantasy. SE have a LOT of work to do to convince me to come back

Any main series Mario games. Mario is getting tired, but I do like Super Mario 3D Land, but I don't love the games like earlier in the series.

Gran Turismo. I love racing games, but was disappointed by GT5. Need to see if there's more 'game' in GT6, but will probably wait until a PS4 version

Any Blizzard title. Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 have really knocked my faith in Blizz.

Halo. See 'Dead Rising' above, but also disappointed with Halo 3 SP.

ironfist922261d ago

Alot of games with pre-announced DLC for me go from Day-1 to Day-GOTY-Edition-releases.

TheLastWriter2260d ago

It's amazing how Square Enix remains tone deaf to how many people have taken this stance on Final Fantasy.