Aliens versus Predator: Dismemberment Rocks - Still the best Aliens game ever made

CVG writes: "Remember dismemberment? Oh, how we used to adore dismemberment. What we all really wanted from gaming, we thought, was horrifically visible mortal wounding. Ooh, he's got an arm off, and so forth. We're beyond that kind of stuff now.

Which is a shame, as dismemberment rocks. Specifically, it rocks when it's got an actual in-game purpose beyond sadistic fun-time. Rebellion's 1999 sleeper hit FPS Aliens versus Predator is still the best Aliens game ever made, and a lot of that's because of its limb-removing credentials.

Shoot an Alien directly in the head and, with a suitably melon-squelching noise, it'll drop dead. Shoot it in the arm, and you have yourself an amputee Alien. A very angry amputee Alien, spraying deadly acid from its chitinous stump, which eats through your armour and flesh. "

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Clinton5143891d ago

To me, that is still the best AVP game yet. The arcade game comes second!

MK_Red3891d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 has promised that dismemberment will have gameplay impact. Still, nothing comes close to AVP2 game's awesomeness.

myabsolution3891d ago

agreed, AVP Gold was ok...

but AVP2 was a masterpiece in singleplayer and multiplayer... and dismembering humans/aliens/predators

gw4k3891d ago

Damn I miss this! I miss the first one as well. So damn good.

Anyone know if this is still playable on the net?

BludoTheSmelly3891d ago

I never liked avp2, the first one captured all the coolness of those two franchises. Some day we might get an avp3? Least the gearbox colonial marines game is looking cool.

Cyrus3653891d ago

Man this was such an awesome game back in the day, I don't get how games can't even build upon what was possible like 8 years ago.