FIFA 14 Top Players

FIFPlay: The list of Top 50 Players with highest ranking in FIFA 14.

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The_Devil_Hunter2268d ago

Ibra still overrated...hes great but geez 89!

Yi-Long2268d ago

Agreed. He's only 'proven' himself in mediocre competitions, like the Serie A and the French League, while playing for the best teams against lesser opposition.

If he really wanted to be taken seriously as one of the very best, he'd be playing in the PL, the German League, or the Spanish League.

I wonder what the potential for Zakaria Bakkali will be.

Horny2268d ago

He has played in the Spanish league for barca and tore shit up. He is one of the top strikers in world.

Computersaysno2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

He is great but even so 89 seems high. Maybe 87.

Problem with these stats sometimes is that players that actually aren't that fantastic move to a big club and then get an artificial boost to their stats just because they are at a big club.

Bit like Alexis Sanchez did when he got a transfer to Barca, he got a 7 point boost from 79 to 86 in one season, FIFA 11 to FIFA 12 just because he was now a Barca player.

But the past two seasons proved that indeed he is only a low 80s at best.

AceBlazer132268d ago

At first I thought it was ranking actual players,so I was like,"Did the game launch already?"

KingPin2268d ago

CR7 - defensive = low.
messi - defensive = medium

do the makers of fifa even watch football or are they too busy making this game to notice who does what.

TripleXuLtiMaTe2267d ago

They're busy kissing Messi's ass

KingPin2267d ago

indeed..also its like "messi is our poster boy this year....he earns 2 points extra"

thepluggy2268d ago

These stats are pretty fucked,Bale had a great season,should be 88 at least,Cavani had a great season and hes only 87 and Mata also,i thought the ratings were based on how they did in the previous season?

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