The Curious Incident of Gaming Logic

The vast majority of videogames inherently demand a suspension of belief. In a medium where gamers spend so much time gunning down aliens, rescuing the entrapped maiden from the evil sorcerer or smashing cars into walls only to see them replaced on the road near-unaffected, perhaps it would seem sophistic to focus on particular idiosyncrasies that they have long since accepted.

And yet, there are some elements which are so fundamental to games nowadays that people take their almost slightly comical peculiarity for granted. Have you ever wondered why shooting games are so obsessed with explosive barrels? Or where the double-jump originated, and who conceived such an outlandish concept?

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Tempist3865d ago

Heh, really good article that brings up some excellent points about video game mechanics.

meepmoopmeep3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

lol, great article. they point out so many things that we don't think much about... haha.. great.

EDIT: however, games are not suppose to emulate EXACT reality or else it would be dull. so even though the article is humorous it doesn't take into the fact that videogames are fiction and can not emulate exact reality. and i hope it doesn't either.