Should you buy a VITA?

GameSpot - Danny explores the uneasy history of PlayStation portables, and wonders if now is the perfect time to get a VITA.

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capjacksparrow2261d ago

I absolutely recommend the Vita to gamers. If you are hardcore or casual, there is something here for you. The fact that it will work with the PS4 is an even bigger incentive. I have been playing my Vita even more than my home consoles recently, and that never happens. Killzone Mercenary beta was awesome, already have it preordered and am super psyched for it.

Aggesan2261d ago

Got KZ Merc yesterday. Your wait is not in vain, it's the portable fps I've always wanted!

meatysausage2261d ago

Curious to know what the single player is like?

mewhy322261d ago

there no denying that the Vita hasn't been flying off the shelves. However, with the PS4 and the Vita playing so nicely together and the price drop, I predict that there will be a significant uptick in sales of Sony's handheld. I, myself, am now considering buying one.

UltimateMaster2261d ago

Yes, with Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted Golden Abyss, you should buy a Vita.

jujubee882261d ago

I'm not hyping myself up for it too badly. I want to go into KillZone Mercenary fresh. :D

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Thisisjuju2261d ago

My Vita experience has been a rocky ride. When I first picked it up I was underwhelmed simply due to a lack of games/features that interested me.

Over time however the release of content I find interesting plus the support for a large chunk of the PS1/PSP games library has given me massive amount of choice and console quality experiences in my pocket.

I can now safely say after owning the device for around a year that I have no regrets in the purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those getting a PS4.

PSjesus2261d ago

His review in the end point for how shitty gaming journalist are.So he changed his mind on Vita and stopped bashing it after BUYING one!!!!srsly?

lilbrat232261d ago

I have one at first it was meh, but now slowly better contents are coming out. The interface could use a make over. I do wish they would do more with Near because right not its useless. But now with the PS4 it might get a whole lot better :-)

Wh15ky2261d ago

I ordered one earlier today, it should come tomorrow. £169.99 3G version from Game with KZ merc, think thats a pretty good deal. Also ordered an 8gb card.

Will be getting uncharted and gravity rush straight away too for free as a ps+ subscriber.

What other games do you recommend?

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PSNintyGamer2261d ago

It really depends on if you like the Library or not.

RedSoakedSponge2261d ago

make sure you bring earphones if youre going to the library with it ;)

RedSoakedSponge2261d ago

haha im sorry. im a pretty immature individual XD

D0ffy2261d ago

Haha, no problem. Cheesy jokes are fine once in a while :)

DarkBlood2261d ago

i already set on the vita.... when a red one actually releases that is lol

porkChop2261d ago

Not completely red, but if you search around the net I'm sure you'll be able to find the right skin for you.

DarkBlood2261d ago

looks nice but i need one soaked in it, if you get what im saying lol

Elimin82261d ago

I agree. I have one already.. Launch 3G/Wifi but I want me the yellow one. Oh so bad.. That color just looks right!

Raccoon2261d ago

Soul sacrifice ps vita is all red

naBs2261d ago

Damn I want, any ideas if the UK will ever be getting a bundle like this? :(

Remy_S2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

If you go on Amazon, they have red Vitas for sale from Japan at a reasonable price, the cheapest one I found was $239.22 with free shipping. Never mind the disclaimer stating that it only plays Japanese games, its completely region free and will work just fine once you set your language. Here's the link if interested.

mii-gamer2261d ago

i want one but don't have the money to regularrly buy games for it

SilPho2261d ago

Which is where PS Plus comes in ;)

ZodTheRipper2261d ago

My 32GB Vita memory card is stuffed with games from PS+, only games I bought are Persona 4 and Valkyria Chronicles 2 lol

Otoshigamisama2261d ago

@SilPho I agree 50$ for 1 year and you'll have free games and discounts that also includes ps3 games!! if your short on money try investing on ps plus trust me its worth it,

FunAndGun2261d ago

yes, I bought a CoD Vita bundle during last years Black Friday and still to this day have not bought a single Vita title because of Plus. I feel kinda guilty.

I have a 32GB card and it is almost full because of all the content from Plus. Buy a Vita, get a Plus subscription and you will have games to play for awhile. Definitely enough time to save for a new Vita game of your choosing.

Sony adding Vita to Plus is what actually got me to get a Vita in the first place, and I love it!!

ZodTheRipper2261d ago

PS+ is just incredible, it's in fact one of the main reasons why the PS4 was a no-brainer for me from the day it was announced. And the quality of PS+ releases on PSV is the same as on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.