MTV Multiplayer: I Was A Girl In GTA IV, Less Sexy Than Expected

MTV Multiplayer have been waiting for a Grand Theft Auto game that stars a woman.

MTV Multiplayer have been waiting for a GTA that is as violent and sexual and satirical as all the previous games in the series and puts a lady in the center of it all.

What could Rockstar Games say with a female GTA star? What new way could they make people?

What could they say about gender? About America?

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chaosatom3333843d ago

“She’s got to fit into the world”

Jamegohanssj53843d ago

Keep on dreaming. Women don't have equal rights in my America.

The Genius has spoken.

JadeTyrant3843d ago

SLAP!!! Now you're equal.

I'm just playin ladies you know I love you!