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The combat in Ryse has been created for immense enjoyment, challenge, rewards, and even to frustrate players a bit. It's all about the rhythm and flow when taking control of the lead man, Marius. Marius himself was never designed to be a brute on the battlefield who hacks his way through everyone he faces. Instead, he is a gladiatorial acrobat who makes precise and calculated blows with his sword and shield on each enemy. Crytek have set the combat up so that it flows with ease, and the player can annihilate wave after wave of enemies without even the tiniest scratch. Risk and reward is the aim here; push yourself for those huge rewards, or go too far and lose everything. If you can time your moves perfectly, then those rewards will increase.

There are no pre-determined combos in Ryse. Every move is available right off the bat and you can utilise those in any way you see fit. Crytek have given players the maximum potential of creativity so that they can jump straight into the gam...

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CaptainofCrush2264d ago

Ryse is taking AAA games to the next level.

Bigpappy2264d ago

Definitely not for kids and moms. There will be blood!

SCW19822264d ago

Correct the level of QTE slow motion game plays by itself. But the graphics sure are pretty. To bad the gameplay sucks.

FrigidDARKNESS2264d ago

Yes indeed excellent game to have at launch.

mario192264d ago

Sorry but this is not the Killzone thread

Allsystemgamer2264d ago

This was posted a few days ago

Allsystemgamer2264d ago

Why am I getting disagrees? It was!

alb18992264d ago

I wasn't sure about this game but I saw enough!
It will be my!

Wni02264d ago

You mean...

Extremely forgiving blocking system and.... Counter slash! Ok repeat.

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The story is too old to be commented.