Rayman Legends raises the question; has Ubisoft just out 'Mario'd' Nintendo? - Examiner

Rayman Legends raises the question; has Ubisoft just out 'Mario'd' Nintendo?

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Badnik2264d ago

No, Rayman has gone above and beyond the most recent Mario platformers. It's gorgeous, fluid, and one of the best series I've played in years.

Benjammin252264d ago

You've said all that needs to be said. Discussion closed. :)

falcon972264d ago

The actual platforming isn't even close to Mario's get a grip Mario has had 100's of 10 /10 games,this is not in DK or Mario's territory end of,the platforming is loose not even in the same league i have legends so no biassed opinions here...

live2play2264d ago, not really no.

I mean yea rayman legends (bought it day 1) outdoes recent 2d mario games in art, music, and overall charm.
BUT when talking purely about stage design,, they have alot to learn

I know i know, its hard for you guys to see past those pretty looks of rayman legends, i mean new super mario u looks so bland boring and lazy in comparison, but the gaameplay? Haha no sorry

When a new kart racer comes out.... oh mario kart killer
Playstation allstars.... oh its a smash bros killer
Little big planet.... oh its a 3d mario killer

I mean cmon just admit you guys are big haters when it comes to mario.... but please dont let that hate make you look dumb

3-4-52264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

The only negative is the music.

They can't even create their own unique original music, they just copy former popular songs and add chipmunk voices to it.

It's pathetic really.

Everything else is awesome though.

How many memorable Mario songs are there ? like 20-30 ?

How many memorable Rayman songs are there ? None.

PSNintyGamer2264d ago

There are way more memorable Mario Songs then just 20

TongkatAli2264d ago

The new Mario on the Wii U literally had only one theme and it wasn't good. The only time the theme changed is when you went to a castle stage which that theme wasn't good either.

You both make it seem like Mario games have Final Fantasy type of soundtracks, yeah, didn't get that same feeling from Mario soundtracks.

TheGrimReaper00112264d ago

Thats funny
I remember only the first level of the mario games, cause they are always the fucking same
I remember every piece of music in rayman origins

lastdual2264d ago

Rayman is like a cross between Mario and more demanding platformers such as Super Meat Boy.

It's a beautiful game with slick controls, but for better or worse, it definitely has a higher learning curve than the NSMB games. It plays a bit slower if you're going for full completion. The challenge reminds me of when I was trying to 100% Yoshi's Island back on the SNES.

clrlite2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I played loved Yoshi's island on Advance and still own it.

A steeper learning curve can be a good thing to me if it means deeper mechanics and a richer experience.

My Vita should be coming in the mail tomorrow and I can't wait to play this game (and many others) on that gorgeous oLED screen.

So glad to be seeing more and more games like this.

PSjesus2264d ago

Even though i'm a huge Rayman fan since the original
i disagree any Mario fan know the controller is rock solid while rayman a little bit slippery .

BUT i think Super Meat Boy is far better than both in control and challenge and for me this is most want for Vita

StoutBEER2264d ago

Yes. This game is an absolute stunner. It is an amazing game that deserves even MORE praise than it is recieving.

dark-hollow2264d ago

I felt the recent 2D Mario games weren't even that great for Nintendo who 2D games are their bread and butter.

Donkey Kong country returns blows any "new" super Mario bros out of the water imo.

joe902264d ago

WTF, Every comment on this page makes me vomit.

Rayman will NEVER EVER.....EVER be on Mario's level.

I game on PC,PS3 and Wii BUT i can safely say Rayman struggles to touch many platformers that are around at the moment. YES Legends is good but struggles to get near the quality of Galaxy, Terreria,Castlevania:HoD and NSMB:U.

Anyone who says Legends is better than any recent mario is a New School Fool.

porkChop2264d ago

The recent 2D Mario's have been trash. They're just rehashes. Deal with it.

PSjesus2264d ago

Have you ever played them or just watched some lets play on youtube
the gameplay of Mario is what make the game ase
2D or 3D and make gamer wants more since 1985,the same goes to Megaman and Metroid.

Studio-YaMi2264d ago

Anger management program ..

you need one !

SAYGUH2264d ago

LOL!! Chill out, let them have it man

N4g_null2263d ago

I agree with you but it seems people where suprised by how good the art was. Its main technique is the digital painting look. It is done in 3d though... I was raving about that then. Mario had great style in mario 2 and 3... yet if they where to use the art in mario kart wiiu they could easily beat out rayman. If ubisoft was smart they would have another one ready to go soon.

yet game play wise its no mario, even 3d mario on the 3ds is better... I see what people are saying and wiiu mario needs grander art and more themes. OPPS SORRY GOT TO GET BACK TO WORK!

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Baka-akaB2264d ago

Really now you ask that ? A few missteps asides (like the rabbids...) , Rayman was above mario from it's very first game .

joe902264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

You are 1 wasted piece of flesh. You deserve the Biggest-Fucktard-The-World-Has -Ever-Seen Award.

Well done...take your prize. Its a cone shaped hat with a capital D on the front.

Studio-YaMi2264d ago

Woah ...
I feel sorry for your friends with that attitude.

Mainsqueeze2263d ago

I feel sorry for his parents lol.

Studio-YaMi2264d ago

I disagree,Mario is becoming stale(the 2D one at least) since the Wii.

But no way does Rayman ups earlier Mario games(3D or 2D).

Baka-akaB2264d ago

I feel otherwise . Back in 95 when it came back on jaguar and pc Rayaman was imo better than the already excellent Yoshi island and on par with DK country . It's only real concurrents back then .

People do forget how much of a technical 2d marvel the first rayman was , while being a tight and ultra challenging game .

PopRocks3592263d ago

I wouldn't say Rayman 1 or 2 were anywhere near the caliber of Mario World, 64 or Galaxy. But that's just me. Legends is debatable, but honestly I question how many people would have truly cared for it if it had not gone multiplatform.

SanMarco2264d ago

Demo is so freaking beautiful and awesome, im watching my nephew play it right now on ps3.

Killjoy30002264d ago

Last week, my brother and I grabbed Rayman: Origins off the the Playstation store, went through the entire game, and transitioned seamlessly into Legends.

To say we have been on a platforming overload would be an understatement.

Great fun with couch co-op. Beat the games with a friend.

The thoughts of what a next gen version can look like blows my mind.

4logpc2264d ago

Not sure if they out did them entirely, but I will say the music is way better.