Interview: Ripstone on Pure Chess Wii U & 3DS - Trophies, Multiplayer, & More

"Last week, Ripstone's Phil Gaskell told us how they were thrilled at Ripstone to hear about the upcoming Wii U price drop and new 2DS system. Ripstone is planning on releasing Pure Chess for the Wii U and 2DS/3DS eShops in the next few months, and Knytt Underground is looking like it will be an early 2014 Wii U eShop release from Ripstone as well.

With Pure Chess being the first Wii U and 2DS/3DS game from Ripstone, and being a big chess fan myself, I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Gaskell some questions about the upcoming release of Pure Chess on the Wii U and 2DS/3DS. I had not played Pure Chess before sending over the questions, though that has changed in the last week with the mobile version releasing on Android and iOS devices.

What Pure Chess features should appeal the most to chess fans? Will Pure Chess on the Wii U and 3DS offer the same number of "Play By Mail" chess games as the PlayStation 3 version, or has the number been increased or decreased?

Brew yourself some coffee, and find out the answers to some of these questions and a few more, below!", writes CoffeeWithGames.

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jjdoyle2265d ago

happy ripstone has cross-platform in this. i wonder if they're updating the ps3 version?

PopRocks3592265d ago

Okay. They just made this game about ten times more appealing to me than when I first heard of it. Cross-play between Wii U/3DS AND tablet/phone users? I'm there.

guitarded772265d ago


CWG: Will Pure Chess Wii U (or, 3DS) feature Trophies like what are in the PlayStation 3 version of the game, in any fashion?

PG: These types of things are mandated by other platforms, but Nintendo allow things like trophies to be optional. So we decided not to include them and keep the game a very pure experience. This allowed us to concentrate on more important features like the online mode.

What a load of bullspit. "we decided not to include them and keep the game a very pure experience. This allowed us to concentrate on more important features like the online mode." --- They didn't include them because they're lazy. They already had them made for the PlayStation version, why not just include them in the Wii U version? Then to go and say that they're keeping the game "pure" and making online better because they didn't add trophies to the Wii U version. Just a bunch of BS lies and PR spin.

This is why Nintendo needs a mandatory overarching accomplishment system. When it's up to the dev, they will more times than not take the easy way out. It's a missing feature when compared to any game on PSN, Live or Steam. I'm not pissed that the Wii U version doesn't have accomplishments... I'm pissed at the audacity of the developer to say something so stupid... to act like we're a bunch of freakin' morons and will believe that garbage.

PopRocks3592265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Tends to happen on this platform it seems. :( The omission of real-time online multiplayer is all too frequent as well (I'm looking at Nintendo and Ubisoft in particular). I'm glad these guys found a decent workaround and being able to play against players across different platforms is certainly a surprising treat.

Personally, I feel Achievements/Trophies/Accompli shments should be optional. I think that's alright. Were these guys lazy with their approach? Perhaps, yeah. But I'll gladly take cross-platform play over achievements. It's like choosing between achievements and versus mode in Left 4 Dead 2. One is far, far more engaging and unique than the other.

mydyingparadiselost2265d ago

I need a chess game that plays out like finding Usha in Deadly Premonition.... but this will do