SNES emulator discovered on iTunes App Store

Don't tell anyone, but: There's a SNES emulator lurking on the iTunes App Store. For less than a dollar, you can play a whole bunch of Super Nintendo games right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Just keep it to yourself, because while emulators are legal in most places, acquiring the games to play on them is a bit of a legal grey area.

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Snookies122264d ago

Emulators are perfectly legal. Roms are not however.

Chrono2264d ago

It is legal for an individual to personally make backup copies of a game one owns. Individuals may make backup copies for various reasons.

jony_dols2264d ago

Regardless of the legality of emulators & Roms;

Apple should not be able to restrict what software I can or cannot have on the device, that I paid good money for.

Vegrad4152264d ago

While that may be true, in practice it is not. The catch-22 here is that it IS illegal to circumvent copy protections. The DMCA exemptions for games don't cover personal backup, only testing for bugs, etc.

ChickeyCantor2264d ago

There have been emulators for Android as well. What rock did you come crawling under out from?

crazysammy2264d ago

The iphone is just locked up tighter than Android devices. So for a non-jailbroken iphone this is a pretty big deal. Not that cracking an idevice is that difficult though.

LightSamus2264d ago

Android is not monitored and watched as closely as iTunes usually is. Whilst Google apparently don't care if emulators are available on their service, Apple normally don't let them though.

ChickeyCantor2264d ago

There is nothing wrong with emulation. Since its own written software that mimics a set of hardware modules.

The games however do have a gray area. Some are abandoned, but most are not. Those roms are not released on Itunes or Google Play.

And most people jailbreak it simply to install pirated software.

Ohlmay2264d ago

Wow, not that my Android phone hasn't been doing this for years... iPhones are garbage.

StraightedgeSES2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Nintendo should support all their consoles emulator.

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The story is too old to be commented.