Xbox One's Digital Sharing Will Return "When the Time is Right"

IGN: Microsoft's original plans for Xbox One may have been scrapped in light of the public's response, but some of its ideas, including digital game sharing, could make a return in the future.

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allformats2261d ago

It must be implemented with DRM, there's no other way to do it.

Nitrowolf22261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Eh, I can share my PSN Games with one other person (Use to be 5)with no needed internet connection after activation/download, pretty sure we don't need always Online DRM to make this happen. Then again, I guess policies change with how publishers feel so who knows.

Scatpants2261d ago

They could easily do it with digital purchases.

crxss2261d ago

That was probably Xbox One's best thing going for it. Hope it returns without any lash backs

Cueil2261d ago

it'll be digital only games and this kind of thing needs to be ok'ed with publishers ... laywers and other money grubbers need to pour over it

BlackTar1872261d ago


My problem with as you put it the best feature. It was so vague no one even knew exactly how it worked.

The one page write up they gave was barely even worth reading as it left you with as vague of answer coming in as you were ont he way out.

Unless im missing something but i see alot of people say this feature was so awesome and the concrete answer for this service was never laid out.

Wonder why that was?

Deadpoolio2260d ago

No no it doesn't digital has been just fine on PS3 for the last 3 years and it didn't require Fist worthy DRM and other BS restrictions....All that ever needed to be done was limit the number of consoles a profile can be on

3-4-52260d ago

There are about 100 other ways to do it, they involve NO DRM.

The thing with those 100 ways is:

Microsoft doesn't make EXTRA money on it.

If I borrow a game from a friend that I wouldn't have ever bought, just to try it, and I like it, there is a 50% chance I'm going to buy it for myself.

They seem to not factor that into their business plan.

Grown Folks Talk2260d ago

You can do digital w/o the drm, but tell me how you do it with disc based games like they intended w/o drm.

indysurfn2260d ago

@crxss You would think it was the best thing it had going for it. Except for two MAJOR details!
1 Once the person you share it with did the first time install it deactivated the other accounts (this most people missed if they didn't look at the restrictions).
2 It let you share 10 times MAX. Yes that means that even though only ONE xbox1 is allowed to play the game at a time. Once you did it 10 times you could NOT do it ever again!
How is that better than todays disc which let you do it infinitely.

All this tells me that I was right Microsoft is NOT sorry about the things they tried to pull over our heads. And we need to keep our guards up, because there are PLENTY of sellouts. Obviously since this article didn't mention the negatives it is a paid for article or a sell out article.

The first device Microsoft takes our ownership rights away with, will lead to PC, laptops, and phones next. Which means you will rent every electronics device for the rest of your lives.

Grown Folks Talk2260d ago

Wrong Indy. You picked 10 people on your friends list, & they could access your library 1 person at a time. It wasn't share 10 games & your done. It's exactly like physical sharing except you're not tied to your local area.

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Maddens Raiders2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Wow... you are good. (in Chris Griffin's voice) "Get out of my mind!"

edit/- I don't think that's what he meant allformats lol...

nooneknows2261d ago

That's what it sounds like....


That's because what you're doing is stealing, your not paying Sony to use that feature. In all actuality your friend is supposed to buy the game.

The reason why the sharing feature dropped to 1 is because people kept game-sharing.

ziggurcat2261d ago

it's dropped to 2, not 1.

GentlemenRUs2260d ago

Stealing? Nah!

I let my bothers(which own a PS3 each) have my games which I PAID for so we could all play together!

Its not STEALING if you use it in the same HOUSE with family ;)

But its kinda annoying that they dropped it from 5 to 2...

indysurfn2260d ago

At nooneknows how is sharing what you own stealing? Irrational, what next you going to Let Honda restrick how many times you can let your wife borrow your car? How about that TV, I see your girlfriend trying to watch it. What ? Is that your nephew watching a dragon ball z disc that was for your other nephew? Stealing would be you copying the disc.
Even by verge standards stealing is copying the disc. Not sharing. Heck every single video game machine on the surface of the earth allows sharing. You should like a Microsoft employee.

People that see this even AFTER Microsoft was forced to change, and steal buy it are what I said they are. Fools, selling themselves out. If you cant stand up to one game (Halo, okay Forza). What you going to do when they tell you to take the mark of the beast, so you can buy and sell, or get beheaded?

showtimefolks2261d ago

this is my problem with MS, they will never stick to what they say. But xbox one now and who knows in 3 years we may bring the original vision of xbox one back

can MS be sued if they change policies after their consumers buy the product?

this is also why i don't trust MS will deliver games all the way through, just like this current gen in few years they will keep recycling the same 3-5 games every other year while focusing on casual entertainment crowd

P0werVR2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Yes when DRM returns, and needs to btw!

I see nothing wrong with DRM, as long as we're able to trade, loan and resell (more likely those profits goes back to developers) then I'm good.

Also, they'll most likely still keep optical storage until it inevitably becomes irrelevant.


"If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future."

-Winston Churchill

Activemessiah2260d ago

The future isn't about these guys dictating what and when we can play games... what a nightmare scenario.

Hicken2260d ago

Only you aren't able to trade, loan and resell. Ownership rights, as it pertains to digital media, is still very much up in the air, and none of the things you mention are commonplace for said format.

That's one of the major problems with the digital-only, DRM-mandated future Microsoft presented us with. There are others, but since that is what you brought up, it's the only one I'll address.

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THamm2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

If they try to go all digital, drm and so forth I won't pay 59.99 for a game. I'll wait until they throw a sale, if not I'll get it elsewhere. We have options.

buynit2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

I have to agree with that.. A lot of middle men have been cut out and i wouldnt own an actual copy of the game so i souldnt hae to pay full price..

StoutBEER2261d ago

NatureOfLogic did you read the article?

Xsilver2261d ago

@natureoflogic u beat me to it

MRMagoo1232261d ago

That is exactly what i was thinking when i read the headline, i got the idea they must plan on bringing the DRM crap all back once they have enough consoles sold for it not to matter.

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MasterCornholio2260d ago

Well they can just release a patch and turn it on again.

Like Major Nelson said "Of course we can turn it off by just flipping a switch anytime we want" (edited so the statement is true)

Blaze9292260d ago

dunno why people here are acting like any content you buy digitally doesn't come with DRM.

""I think the problem was people got in their mind that what we were trying to do was somehow evil or anti-customer when in fact we were looking at what Steam does and we were looking at what iOS was doing, we were looking at where the customers were going and saying 'I think we can actually give you a better all-digital experience'.""

really a great response on MS's behalf

They won't be bringing back DRM for disc-based games ffs - some of you are some real looney conspiracist. Probably believe aliens control the US government too..

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Belking2261d ago

Bring back the game sharing. It's a great feature.

indysurfn2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Bring back the game sharing:' it's a great feature'? This proves you can fool a LOT of people with a TITLE. Look at the PATRIOT ACT. The opposite of what the name implies. So fools supported it, it was passed, and THEN found out what it meant!
Look at the deregulation acts. Then when we had the market crash, round trip trading, Arthur Anderson auditing companies they recommending for buying, or selling. Then people realized what the act did.

How many times are we going to be fooled by a TITLE?
Just because the title says SHARING does not mean it is PRO sharing. It does the opposite it RESTRICTS you to 10 times you can share a disc. DRM was also part of selling and BUYING a used disc (which required at least ONE fee).
Before this so called SHARE feature, sharing is unlimited. AS IN RIGHT NOW. I can share a PS3 or 360, or wiiu, (insert any game system in history) unlimited amount of times.

Don't bring back the: ' game sharing'. It is a feature for fools.
Stop being lazy gamers. We love to call developers lazy but we can't even read restrictions on a 'feature'.

n4rc2261d ago

People realize virtually all digital media has DRM right?

Its like its a bad word.. Digital rights management.. It part of life in the digital World..

Copy protection, online passes and even old cd keys are all forms of drm.

blackmanone2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

"Copy protection, online passes and even old cd keys are all forms of drm."

You're right... none of those things have ever been a bad idea :$.

I remember a decade back when they spent tens of millions on new cd protection only to cracked a week later with a black sharpy ring around the edges. The industry didn't mind, they just jacked up the prices to cover their own losses.

Cueil2261d ago

if you don't like drm goto gog dot com

OrangePowerz2261d ago

Don't forget about "Enter the second word of the third sentence on page 7 of your manual" back during the times of Commodore and Amiga :)

n4rc2261d ago

Holy crap... Thanks for the trip down memory lane orange.. Lol.. Awesome...

What was the command line always on the commadore? "*" ,8,1

Lol... Been so long.. And the Amiga had some awesome games.. Summer Olympics baby! Haha

theWB272261d ago

I really don't think they do. People also keep saying, well Playstation does this without DRM when it's not the same thing.

If they offer the choice of having all of the original benefits with the always online, heavy digital influence and game sharing, or keep the system the way it is now it would be intriguing to see how many people would go the DRM way.

n4rc2261d ago

The sad part is some believe sony hates DRM when they are a leader in its innovation...

Their games division trys to distance itself from the movie and music divisions on this topic..

Outside_ofthe_Box2260d ago

Yes people know that. People use the general term to save time from listing the specifics. Don't know why that needs to be explained..

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manaxknight12261d ago

dont freakin charge for it

Transporter472261d ago

As long as the this doesn't come back with DRM/24 HR Checkin etc etc. Could be good or bad.

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