Grand Theft Auto 5 Will It Live Up To The Hype?

Mark from Corrupted Cartridge writes "As soon as Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced a huge amount of hype and excitement quickly built up surrounding the game. I've never really enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series myself but even I'm really quite excited for the newest installment in the series, of all the games I've seen that have generated this much hype I believe that this could be one of the few games that will actually live up to the hype. From all the footage I've seen so far and peoples reactions to the game Grand Theft Auto 5 has a lot going for it."

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SchwoererBear2265d ago

yes, yes it will. end of story.

Anthotis2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Based on what we have seen, heard and read, i can't imagine it being anything but awesome.

It will be awesome in the same way big boobs are awesome.

b163o12265d ago

Yes, would be better in a fresh city IMO, but it won't stop me from purchasing day1

BigBoobs are good, but nothing beats them walls Ô.O

camel_toad2265d ago

I think it may end up being the best game of the generation. My current favorites of this gen are Mass Effect 2, MGS4, The Last of Us, and XCOM Enemy Unknown (because of the addiction) but from what I've seen of GTA it stands a good chance of trumping those.

3-4-52265d ago

I think this has potential to actually go beyond the hype.

People are going to see all the content in this game, and wonder why other games ALSO charging $60.00 don't provide this much content.

Most games for the same price, have maybe 20% of the content this game does.

nooneknows2265d ago

Who knows, honestly.

Its so annoying how people hype this up without ever playing it.

Truth is, the game will be amazing, however, they didn't give us a full game-play video yet. It could disappoint because of hype.

Have my pre-order in, CANT WAIT!

OrangePowerz2265d ago

I hope so. The last GTA game unfortunately didn't, but I hope GTA IV was a one time slipup from Rockstar.

Bathyj2265d ago

Actually its worth stopping to think about that question. I wasnt really that hyped for GTA4 until about 4-6 weeks before it came out, then I got swept up in all the excitement and couldnt wait. Like most people once I actually got the game I was very disappointed. Worst game in the series and I've been playing since the 2D top down games.

But I'm pretty optimistic about GTA5. It looks like a welcome return to form for the series. Its gorgeous, theres heaps to do, so much has been brought back that was missing from 4 (like fun for example) and much more is introduced for the first time. GTA5 and LoU are going to duke it out for GotY.

OrangePowerz2265d ago

Good to see someone else sharing my feelings on GTA IV.

Bathyj2265d ago

I think 90% of people thought that. Except the reviewers for some reason. Most overrated reviewed game in history.

just_looken2265d ago

so gta 3>gta iv even though iv had mp bigger map and more content? ok then.

OrangePowerz2264d ago

More content won`t make a gamer better if the content isn`t that good and the content of GTA 4 was not as good as GTA3, Vice City or San Andreas because of the direction they took with the game going realistic, dark and gritty.

ape0072265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

90% of people think that??

lol wut???, have u seen Xbox live star reviews, have u seen the number of people that still plays it till this day on PSN and XBL, have u seen the near endless gameplay vids, pc mods, walkthroughs, views, likes and multiplayer mayham on YT??

have u seen me??, to me gta IV is one of the best games in this gen easily, yes it's sluggish, yes the control is heavier than ps2 gta games but the upgrade seen from the ps2 games is UNBELIEVABLE, the game is substantially upgraded, the gameplay (although a bit sluggish) is epic and addictive as hell, the atmosphere is perfect, the physics, the shooting, the explosions, the perfectly designed city, the breathtaking scienary (especially with the journy radio)

grand theft auto 4 is a masterpiece and is a prime example for every game maker how to make your game UNGENERIC

yes it's your opinion and i respect it, just don't come here and throw out some crazy claims

Irishguy952265d ago

I found it boring anyway, and I LOVED the rest in the series. It had ok combat, ok driving and well, that was it. It was missing to much imo. What happened to the city being on lockdown and tanks coming after you? :(

Bathyj2265d ago

For future reference when I say "I think" its just my opinion, and like a lot of people here, I never claim my opinion to be fact.

Let just say, most people loved GTA3. Most people loved Vice City. Most people loved San Andreas. Most people though 4 was a letdown compared to the previous 3 games. Thats all just my opinion which you might not agree with, but thanks for respecting it. No sarcasm intended.

ape0072265d ago


im a hardcore gta fan, yes vice city is my fav gta game ever

my score for gta game

san andrease and vice city....9.8 out of 10

GTA 3....9.7 out of 10

GTA IV.... 9.6 out of 10

it's definitely not the best but a worthy entry in the gta series, what some naysayers forget is the UPGRADE seen in GTA 4 serves as a silver platter for gta V, the engine is fantastic, teh core is well done, GTA IV is not a copy/paste game like smackdown vs raw or cod

Sarobi2265d ago

I sure hope. I know their is possibilities that there could be something that sets people off or just doesn't feel right in a sense.. but with just about 2 weeks left to go, I'll stay optimistic.

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