The Classic PC Games You Must Play

There are many reasons one could argue that the PC is the best way to play video games: Better visuals, cheaper and more interesting games, a wide-open platform, and so on. But one of the best arguments for PC gaming is simple: The massive back-catalogue.

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loganbdh2268d ago

Theme hospital
Sim tower

P0werVR2268d ago

I am the Nameless One!

Hazmat132268d ago

i remember playing sim city 2000 back in elementary school in computer lab. man those were fun times.

NexGen2268d ago

Star Control 2. No game to date has made me happy like that one.

s45gr322268d ago

Okay what is that game about

Saryk2268d ago

Ultima Underworld
Mechwarrior 2
Any Wing Commander
Master of Magic
Battle Field 1942

Star Control 2 was good too!

Magic Carpet

I think I still got most of these games in my attic.