There May Not Be Enough Reasons To Get A PS4 or Xbox One Right Away

Kotaku - "Me, I write about games. That alone, arguably, is a good reason to buy a next gen console. But you, dear reader—are there enough reasons for you to buy in?'

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user74029312264d ago

battlefield 4 at 60fps 64 players planetside 2 on ps4 with thousands of players and driveclub is enough for me alone to get a ps4. let alone watchdogs, assassins creed black flag, blacklight retribution, minecraft.

MizTv2264d ago

I'm so pumped for bf4

Boody-Bandit2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I'm so pumped for next gen in general. I think articles like this are moot because this has been the longest console generation I can recall and I've been gamin since it's inception. I want new hardware BAD!

I am steam rolling through all my unbeaten games I currently own, going tear through GTAV when it's released, than gear up for the next generation of awesomeness THAT STARTS ON 11/15/13.


Omegasyde2264d ago

Same Here. Bf4 with 64 players will be awesome and I like how they reward team work this time around.

I thought about Killzone, but the KZ3 multiplayer got old after a while in comparison to KZ2. I also am not sure about the portable shields as I hated the augers in Resistance multiplayer. In KZ3 it seems like nothing but a nade and rocket fest and they nerfed snipers.
The story seems good, I just wish they introduced a 3rd side (which I have a strong feeling they will i.e. Vekta gets invaded.)

I am sorta sad no there are no rpgs launching besides DC universe.

Maddens Raiders2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Not one single reversal, or mention of DRM, or check-ins, forced cameras, or used game killing from Sony.

Those are enough reasons for me. Since I mainly play 1st party first and foremost - the games are simply icing on the cake.

mikeslemonade2264d ago

Meh for BF4. But most of all meh for current gen games. I'm ready to get the system day 1 because this generation is long overdue. Xbox 360 has maxed out for about 4 years and PS3 has been maxed for almost two years.

Omegasyde2264d ago

I agree - its long overdue. My last ps3 purchase will be GTA5. I will probably pick up beyond two souls when the the next gen drought happens during MAY-Sept 2014.

MotoDot2264d ago

Don't forget Infamous SS ,The order 1886 looks cool too >< i can't wait

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360ICE2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Well, I don't think the PS4 will get a price drop anytime soon, so if you can afford it at release and want it for something down the road, then I say go nuts now. The article makes a fair point though. Launch line-ups are pretty much never all that overwhelming. DriveClub will keep me entertained though.

yellowgerbil2264d ago

better graphics
more harddrive space
driveclub and resogun free
share feature
Watchdogs at best quality
F2P games blacklight and planetside 2

those are all just day one reasons
Infamous is enough reason down the line

Sci0n2264d ago

This is the most entertaining innovated launch lineup I ever witnessed in console launch history. Not only does the PS4 launch with a few solid exclusives and some really good multiplats. Its going to launch with some really good free to play PC based games. Planetside 2, Blacklight Retro, Warframe, DCUO just to name a few. There will be so many games to play during the PS4's launch.

MizTv2264d ago

Maybe for them
But there is for me

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