Xbox One vs. PS4: Does it really matter anymore?

With the converging systems coming ever-closer, does it really matter what system wins anymore? Alex of the IP team decides to put his thoughts out there.

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NatureOfLogic2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Yes It does. I'm not so quick to follow MS blindly like some. I've seen what they think of gamers once they've had a little success. I won't support them because they realised they couldn't screw the majority and get away with it. They turned their backs on the same core fanbase that's supporting them now.

Hatsune-Miku2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

The article is basically asking if a superior product matters over an inferior product. People can make all the excuses for wanting an inferior product until the cow jumps over the moon, but unless your excuse is wanting said inferior product for a specific reason while acknowledging it's inferiority, youd be silly for thinking its on the same level or better than the superior product.

one company tried applying unfriendly tactics to their product for gamers and the majority frowned upon a lot of what was being offered while lying and saying said tactics were irreversible but had to do a lot of 180s showing what liars they are. The other company implemented consumer friendly tactics that smart gamers praised

NewMonday2269d ago

this time it is important because it will decide what philosophy the gaming industry will take in the next decade.

so far a loss for DRM and DVR, and a win for gaming.

Maddens Raiders2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

If you don't care about spending more money for something that you don't need, all packaged in a slightly less powerful box, then there's one clear choice for you at this point.

darthv722269d ago

superiority vs inferiority would be relative if we are comparing a generational difference in products.

But since this isnt about the 2600 vs the Super nintendo.....the technical aspect doesnt really matter. both platforms are effectively in the same class.

what it comes down to is creativity in using each platform to the extent. having experiences that are exclusive to one or the other due to design and development structure.

Sony has always had the advantage when it comes to a stable of creative studios. This gen could be the one to break those generational stereotypes we have become accustomed to.

Maddens Raiders2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"Sony has always had the advantage when it comes to a stable of creative studios. This gen could be the one to break those generational stereotypes we have become accustomed to..."

and darth... what do you know at this point that would tell you things "might" go otherwise? You mean the way MS came out swinging at the May 21st reveal lol? How would MS suddenly become the shepherd of all great 1st party console devs?

darthv722269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Sorry, had an ebay auction to win so i couldnt edit my comment.

Generational stereotypes like the cheaper console is the most successful and the most technical console sells the fewest.

This gen could change all that. PS4 could be the most technical that ends up selling the most. Wii-u is the cheaper console that ends up selling the least. XB1 is the most expensive console that ends up being right in the middle.

so madden...would you really want things to be the same? That would make the ps4 out to sell the least because its the most technical. And the wii-u will sell the most because its the cheapest. XB1 would fit somewhere in the middle or maybe trade places with ps4 because its the most expensive.

This gen could be a game changer for lots of stereotypes....just keep an open mind.

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MizTv2269d ago

It does more than ever

1OddWorld2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )


The new PR campaign is to say the machines are the same and that's BS as well. Numbers don't lie. PS4 has more raw power and it will be in your face with first party games. Microsoft are overclocking their system to make the gap not seem so wide, but that will be detrimental to the XBO lifespan. Sony has no need to overclock its system to play catch up because it has the superior hardware and design.

@darthv72 - The systems are not effectively the same. The PS4 put games first with its hardware design and XBO did not. Stop spouting mis-information. Microsoft said the numbers don't matter but are overclocking everything they can to try to reduce this gap, but they cant because the hardware design and specs are so very different.

n4rc2269d ago

So when the 360 had a more powerful GPU.. Did that make all games look better then ps3 games?

When everyone loves to talk about how much better ps3 is, I find it hilarious that now specs are the end all, be all of gaming..

Hypocrisy runs rampant around here

MysticStrummer2269d ago

@n4rc - 360 was not a more powerful system overall. The reason PS4's better specs are such a hot topic is that PS4 is also cheaper than the One. That's my point of view anyway.

As for hypocrisy, how about the One fans who say specs don't matter until there's a rumor about the One being made stronger?

Omegasyde2269d ago


The PS3 games did the talking. Don't forget Blu-ray too.

n4rc2269d ago

I'm not a spec whore.. I fully understand they are only one part of the big picture.. Hardware is a paperweight without software..

I hate being lumped in with idiot fanboys and I don't mean to do the same... But you can't deny that many only care about X issue when it favors them..

That's the point tho.. 360 had a better GPU and was easier to code for... Yet you will all say ps3 games look and play better..

Now that its the exact opposite.. People are ready to count them out before they even release.. Its the very definition of hypocrisy

1OddWorld2268d ago

@n4rc - We are not all hypocrites. Some of us just base ourselves in reality dealing with tangible facts. PS4 is a gaming device that can also be a media hub. The XBO is a media hub that can also play games. I wish XBO all the luck in there pursuit to take over the living room and change the way we view and interact with television.

Good luck with the media hub, but I am buying a Gaming console.

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Maddens Raiders2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"Generational stereotypes like the cheaper console is the most successful and the most technical console sells the fewest."

darth my friend... what on earth are you sipping today?

The PS3 smashed this stereotype just like it smashed HD-DVD!

PlayStation 3 (PS3) 78.92 ($600 @ launch/one yr later)
Xbox 360 (X360) 78.34

Get the next stereotype to smash - I'm ready because I can't stand 'em!

darthv722269d ago

Yeah and a wii beat them both. Technical inferiority FTW!

Honestly, you dont know these trends and how long they have been in place?

Maddens Raiders2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

darth to answer your question straight away, yes I am well aware of the trends but really this information affects my life very little and detracts little if at all from the fact that MS is forcing an ad camera onto all of their customers. This is the main part of my argument because the article poses the question, "does it matter?"

Now you want to go drop the Wii in the mix lol. The Wii smashed sales and filled a huge gap left out by that of the two HD consoles - the casual market. That's it. I don't play sales and I don't play sales trends.

Yes I see the point you were trying to make originally that the more capable PS4 (more technically advanced?)could end up selling more, the WiiU the least and the Bone right in the middle. Hell I don't care who's in the middle or last, I just want kick ass exclusives and a RELIABLE piece of hardware. I don't want an ad-camera forced down my throat for $100 more while MS blows smoke up my arse telling me how much more awesome the games are going to be for it... when we clearly know they're not.

The Kinect and Xbone were originally designed and built as an all in one information collecting and entertainment delivering machine. The entertainment delivery and custom tailoring was to be based on all of the data mining it did in your living room. Does this sound like it was designed as a gaming console first? I know you want to be all even handed and neutral but even a baby can smell the poo poo here..

TheKiller97452269d ago

And Sony didn't do the same thing last gen? 599 Us dollars ring a bell? That's just one reason among many, but the point is is that both of them could care less about you and me. They only like money. After all, they're both businesses. But Sony learned their lesson and righted all their wrongs last gen and with this coming gen. And yet, you praise Sony for their fixes, but bash MS's? Talk about a double standard. MS has righted all of their wrongs as well, but the difference is they did it before their console even came out.

Jaqen_Hghar2269d ago

If Sony was being dicks with $599 they sure do have a funny way of showing it. You realize they were selling that thing at hundreds of dollars of a loss? A man recalls it being over $800 just to manufacture.

TheKiller97452268d ago

Doesn't change the fact that it was too expensive for the average consumer. The only reason they sold it that cheap compared to cost to make was so they could at least have somewhat of a chance to make money, but most people did the right thing and said no. Sony realized their mistake and fixed it with a price drop.

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dcj05242269d ago

Only thing that matters is games.

aviator1892269d ago



I'll buy the system that showcases the games that I want to play.

Hicken2269d ago

I'd like to agree, but this entire "season" of console reveal and launch proves there's more that matters than just that.

dcj05242269d ago

I love hulu and netflix and crunchyroll. Feeds my anime addiction. But I can use those apps on anything. A phone, a vita, a tablet, a ps3, hell its built into TVs now. Thats no reason for me to buy a PS4. Its expected. I'm buying the PS4 for Batllefield 4,WarFrame, PlanetSide 2, Killzone:Shadow Fall, RIME, Driveclub & inFAMOUS:Second Son among many more. The launch line up and first year of the PS4 is the best I've seen. Literally 70% of the games coming I want. ThisIis a great time to be a gamer and a terrible time for my wallet. Plus I have VITA and a Wii U too. God I'm gonna be broke.

Hicken2269d ago

I wasn't meaning that, so much as the policies and lies and everything else.

It's not so much about the games, not JUST about the games, anymore. Too much other stuff can and will affect the games.

Foxgod2269d ago

Not to me, i follow the games, the X1 caught my attention and is keeping it.
Also, pc for multi's.

Chug2269d ago

PS4 for exclusives. PC for multiplats and Xbox exclusives.

aviator1892269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I don't believe you know what the term 'exclusive' means...

An exclusive game is exclusive solely to its designated platform and to none others.

I'm not attacking you for wanting a ps4 and pc for your games, I'm just criticizing you over your logic of using a pc to play 'xbox exclusives.' Now, if you used the term 'microsoft-platform exclusives' or even 'xbox-pc exclusives,' then yeah, that would make sense.


I don't necessarily care how many xbox/pc exclusives there are (and I won't even get into how many ps4/pc exclusives there are at the moment) and that wasn't my point. I was simply attempting to correct his phrasing, which, in its current state, doesn't make sense.

Bathyj2269d ago

I think that was a dig at the amount of Xbone "exclusives" that are also on PC.

Chug2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Oh I know what exclusive means. It seems a lot of people around here don't though. It was a jab at those who don't get it. It seems a lot of Xbox "exclusives" end up on PC. I don't buy into that whole "console exclusive" bs. It's only exclusive if it's available to that particular system (console or pc) and no other.

Titanfall is a perfect example. It''ll be available on 360, Xbox One, and PC. By no means an exclusive, whether Microsoft platform or not.

aviator1892269d ago


Right, so you basically just reiterated what I just said.

And you could basically take your argument and apply it to the ps4's launch date games as well. I won't get into that any further.
My main point in commenting was to correct your phrasing. Jab or not, an xbox exclusive title can not be playable on the pc. And the same goes for some of the ps4's launch titles.

Chug2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

My phrasing? I thought i clarified I was making fun of other peoples logic. Look at who I was replying to in the first place and it might make a little more sense. Not that I wanna go on all night about your nitpicking or anything.

You also seem pretty comfortable calling PC/Xbox games "exclusives" in your original comment, so no I did not reiterate what you said. Because that mentality doesn't make sense to me.

You could "basically" say the same thing for the PS4 launch exclusives, but won't get in to that any further? Please, go on...

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level 3602269d ago

What matters is the PS4 is the superior console of the two.

That's a sure thing.

TheKiller97452269d ago

Proof? Oh yeah, there is none. :P Both will be amazing, just play the games you like and be happy and don't bash someone else's choice of console. :P

givemeshelter2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

It does...on N4G that is :-P
Kidding aside. It does for competition purposes. This bodes well for consumers. Let Sony, and Microsoft duke it out back and forth. We win as consumers and gamers.

slampunk2269d ago

A great comment mate....couldn't agree more....

Regis2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

who the hell disagreed with you a blind person. Your comment had no hint of falsity in it we all win as gamers I do guess I'm overreacting to a disagree, but people come on!

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