Sonic Boom - Revival

The year is 1991, and all eyes are on a new game that is taking the arcade by storm. Salarymen and young kids alike are playing it, and there are no boundaries on who can play this game, be it race, age, occupation; nothing is keeping anyone from playing and being the best. This was the title that brought the advent of the fighting game genre to becoming the focal point of arcade gaming in the early-to-mid '90s. Street Fighter II made it cool to play arcade games, and this was only the beginning.

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Keowrath3840d ago

I remember going into the Namco arcade in London years ago in a buisness suit and sitting down at a Streetfighter machine surounded by a bunch of kids. They laughed when they saw me and what I was wearing and then I proceeded to beat all of them and earned just a touch of respect heh, the arcades were good fun and it's where I've been at my most competitive all thanks to (actually the original piss poor streetfighter) Streetfighter.

This article is correct, fighting games have died out a bit but that was due to 100 itterations of the same game out each year (I was thinking recently, is Capcom the Japanese EA? =/ hmmm...) SNK are just as bad if not worse (especially with 5 or so different fighters on the go not much different from each other)

With the gen that we're in I'm hoping that with all the fighters due, most if not all will add to the genre, sure they all look pretty but what makes Tekken 6 different from Tekken 5 apart from 1 or 2 characters and shiney new graphics?

I'm a fighting fan, at one time it was my favourite genre of game but with the decline in games my love has waned ever so slightly. I hope this year (Which is shaping up for me to be best year for games ever) lifts fighters out of their rut.