Worldwide releases: Friday, April 18

Finally America can share in the Gran Turismo: Prologue love, as it goes on sale this week Stateside. That's about it for PS3 releases worldwide this week, apart from EA's next FIFA instalment and Time Crisis 4 debuting in the EU. Yet again, no new PS3 games for Japan.

Xbox 360 takes a break from giving you something new to play in Japan and the US for the second week running, and apart from UEFA, GRAW2: Legacy Edition is the only 360 title you can look forward to in Europe this week.

The Americans can finally get their hands on Capcom's cult art-house Japanese title, Okami Wii, Japan says no on the new Nintendo Wii game front. Europe sees Emergency Mayhem release for Wii this week, and for that you'll have to be thankful for now.

DS puts all other formats to shame on Friday, with plenty of games to mosey through including The Sun Crossword Challenge in Europe. Our brothers across the Pond need not feel left out, as they have High School Musical 2: Work This Out! to help pass the time whilst on those yellow school buses, or whatever it is they do over there.

Click the link below to see if anything takes your fancy.

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thePatriot3839d ago

giving a nice boost to ps3 for this month, folowed by mgo beta and gta. sweet.