‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ drug reference, female groping and more revealed

The ESRB has revealed their rating summary for the upcoming multiplatform open-world action adventure title, “Batman: Arkham Origins.”

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ziggurcat2261d ago

uh oh... cue the white knight articles crying over this...

Anthotis2261d ago

"female groping"


Mounce2261d ago

Damnit Catwoman, you're not a real cat, stop groping yourself and moaning like you're in heat!

N-NO! Don't start licking yourself- OH GOD.



fapfapfapfapfapfapfap. Day One. Pre-Ordered.

3-4-52261d ago

Female Groping, good thing 90% of Tv shows don't have that.... o wait....

2261d ago
KonsoruMasuta2261d ago

Nothing wrong with a little female groping.

cyguration2261d ago

What are you saying? Do you know what you're saying?

The Warriors will be in here soon, they smell testosterone like Gabe Newell smells chicken... they'll be all over your comment like politicians on prostitutes.

Worse yet... you might just illicit the attention of a certain SJW... a man who fears no troll and is willing to sell his manliness for a little attention... I'm talking about The Sessler.

We all know, you don't mess with the Sess.

MadMax2261d ago

Female groping? Humongous like!!!

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