We Gotta Talk About the Xbox One Release Date

IGN - "The stage is set for a next-gen battle. What does it all mean?"

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cedaridge2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Can we just rejoyce as gamers that next gen is evident? we have release dates for our beloved systems. I for one will be picking up both. XB1 on Nov.22nd and PS4 in late Jan early feb. not tryin to be without both.
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#fanboys are so old NOW

Insomnia_842268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I lol when that guy was saying "look at that impressive PS3 catalog, look at that impressive Wii catalog.." then when he said "look at that impressive Xbox360 catalog" two of them looked at each other and laughed! LOL

zohakxb12268d ago

The words of a true jealous fanboy. First of all xb1 has all the best titles. Yes consider me a troll or not but deep down you know this is true. Yes ps4 is the most powerful machine but it all comes down to the games. And in this case all the other things that little box of urs can do. I think Microsoft will win a big portion of america by introducing all the TV and sports American people like. Overseas it might be a different story and Sony might be the console of choice. Bit its still not so different from the ps3 which I own and I love. Best game of the year the last of us. Is amazing. Why can't they have titles like this coming to ps4????? All they are offering is indies. Yes they are the beginning of great franchises. But still..... its the release of a gaming console. I think Microsoft won with the most amazing titles. I can't wait for my xb1. PS 4 perhaps next year.

3-4-52268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

" We've Got to" not " We gotta "

somebody got paid to make that title.

malokevi2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It's baffling that anyone disagreed with you. I'm in the exact same boat as you are, getting both consoles by years end. I'm so sick of hearing people go at each others throats. When I started reading gaming news, in anticipation of the next generation, I was DISGUSTED by what I saw.

No appreciation for the hobby, no respect for your fellow man... just projected hatred. I'm happy to say that I am nothing short of enamoured with both consoles. A new generation only happens so many times in a lifetime... and I for one am more excited than I have ever been. This is my happy place, the looming generation is messing with my ability to live I'm so excited. When these things drop, I might just shed a tear.

Nobody who is pessimistic about the next generation should call themselves a gamer. Forget DRM, forget motion controls, forget micro-transactions and timed releases, forget all the meaningless crap. This is about the games... and we're all about to be treated to something absolutely incredible. We have Microsoft, Sony, and thousands of busy game developers and publishers to thank for it!

For the love of god, people, be happy. Because you have absolutely no reason not to be.

MasterCornholio2268d ago

Meh at least Microsoft didnt have a massive delay with the console. There really is nothing to worry about.

Goose992268d ago

Exactly... I for one do most of my gaming on the 360 becasue more of my friends have that system. I also have a PS3 and play that as well. Now that we got a release date for the XBOX 1... the waiting game has officially started and cannot wait to get my hands on the PS4 on the 15th and the XBOX 1 a week after. FANBOYS are getting very old NOW.

nosferatuzodd2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

lot of people was saying how microsoft was waiting for Sony to set their date and then come at a earlier time to cut in now it doesn't make a difference, same thing with the Microsoft overclocking of the CPU everyone is shouting yeah we're now more faster than ps4 when the FCC document said ps4 is 2.75grs, and has soon has Sony confirm that you're going to hear it doesn't matter
talk about hypocrites

YNWA962268d ago

Its not enough for people to just get the console of choice and enjoy it, they must go online, hide behind a persona and shoot there dumb as a bucket of steam mouth...the rest of us will be in awe of next gen games... Enjoy my fellow gamers.... Killzone week 1, dead rising week 2..... This is what its all about...

ziggurcat2268d ago

great to finally have a release date, but a week isn't going to make a lick of difference as far as advantages/disadvantages go...

RytGear2268d ago

Actually, it may do, Sony have a whole 2 weeks to restock before the frenzy of black friday whereas Microsoft only have one. This difference could really determine how many units each are able to sell.

Also bear in mind those people that cannot wait any longer to get their hands on the new COD for instance so that week is more substantial than most believe it to be.

LucasEVille2268d ago

Can't wait for the next gen already. The console launch wars are always fun for about 2 weeks then it just gets silly....

The number of disagrees is too damn high!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.