Dying Light's Nighttime Zombie Chase Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack | Kotaku

Kotaku: "There are precisely one billionty video games out there that ask you to imagine what it would be like to survive the zombie apocalypse. But it's rare to find one that makes the setting feel like anything more than just morbid fun or creepy explorations. It's hard to inspire genuine, adrenaline-rushing fear. The kind of fear where you're playing not for the multiplayer, the challenge or the completionist gamer in you, but to actually survive. And when I was rushing into the outstretched hands of some fellow survivors back at our base in Dying Light, zombies trailing behind me, I felt the kind of relief you can only know after a true rush of fear."

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StoutBEER2260d ago

Damn. Nice way to change up the zombie genre with nighttime zombies. Reminds me of the zombs in I Am Legend. Which is great cause they scared the fuck out of me.

MightyNo92260d ago

I dunno... I haven't played it but the 12 minute gameplay video on Youtube looked kinda dull. It didn't help that the voice acting was emotionless.