PS4's Nov. 15th launch vs Xbox One's Nov. 22nd launch: Who has the advantage?

Gimme Gimme Games debates whether the Xbox One releasing one week earlier than the PS4 in Europe will give it any advantages or whether the PS4 will benefit from releasing a week earlier than Xbox One in America.


Sorry, meant to say that the Xbox One is releasing a week earlier than PS4 in the UK.

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xHeavYx2266d ago

The one (no, not that One) launching in 32 countries

us_army2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The fact is not that the extra week will change day 1 sales, as all launch consoles are locked up by filling pre-orders.

Sony is clearly allocated more consoles for launch, so even if they were a week back, they would be leading.

Where Sony having a week advantage plays key is the fact that they have 2 weeks to restock stores for black friday, not to mention having that cheaper price tag. Microsoft only has 5 days to get stores stocked for black friday shoppers, which is near to impossible to fill. (5 days because Thursday is Thanksgiving, therefore stores would need to receive shipment on Wednesday to have it stocked for BF).

Sony has the advantage in the initial sales outlook for sure.

FATAL1TY2266d ago

PS4 wins, fatality

Pre orders (EU) + November 15 (US)

titletownrelo2266d ago



Godoftheweek2266d ago

Not all of the launch sales will be pre-orders for Sony. I cannot speak for MS because I do not have the information but IMO they will have some "shelf" systems available as well. Sony has specifically stated that they will have systems available to those that do not pre-order. This is where the chaos will most likely originate from in the form of long lines and some altercations.

I agree with you on the advantage Sony will have as far as the restock of systems before Black Friday. It will be more difficult for MS to do the same unless they purposely hold back systems for BF. I will assume that Sony will hold back some systems as well, and it is possible that they will have more to sell aside from those that are going to be most likely held back.

IMO, the worst case scenario for MS would be for Sony to sell 1-2 million systems in that 1st week. Though even that will not be that big of a deal.

Death2266d ago

Game consoles release in 3 week intervals. Neither will have restock available before Black Friday. The only units that will be available are launch units. Most retailers will allocate some for Black Friday, but the goal is to sell through, not store systems. With less pre-orders, Microsoft should have more units available throughout the first 3 weeks.

The only way Sony could have more available is if they were storing them now. That would be extremely unconventional though since warehousing units cuts into the already slim profit margin.

Sarick2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )



In Mortal Kombat isn't a flawless victory when one player beats another player or CPU to a pulp without taking a single hit of damage?

If I'm not mistaken a flawless victory would meant Xbox One has no pre-orders or sells at all.

For the record I did get your pun the person you was commenting on was named Fatality. LOL good one.

Anyway, I strongly agree with this:
"Launching in 32 countries" << EXTREME market advantage if the supply and demand is there.

mewhy322265d ago

I think that it's a good idea to go first. The reason that Nintendo didn't do better when going first was because they didn't, and still don't, have a very good library of games for the Wii-U. Hopefully that'll change this holiday. But back to Sony and micro$oft, I think they're both going hard after the other guy's turf. I mean Sony is releasing first in the US and micro$oft is releasing first in Europe. It's comical really. I still see Sony winning this battle.

mcstorm2265d ago

You know its not The PS4 wins or the Xbox one wins or even the WiiU wins. Its us gamers win as we will be able to get our hands on the console and games we want as we will have the choice of buying a 360, PS3, PSP, PSV, 3DS, 2DS, Xbox One and PS4 as well as the 1000s of games at are out for all the consoles.

Great time to be a gamer cant wait to get my next gen console and games.

Shang-Long2265d ago

I dunno, who has the advantage but I tell you one thing, if there are Black Friday deals on ps4 that I can do. I'm getting one that's for sure!

Anarki2265d ago

The US is Microsofts biggest market, so Sony winning them over with an earlier launch will put them in a definite lead.

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dark-hollow2266d ago

People who are willing to buy on day one already made their minds, a week difference won't affect both consoles that much.

B1663r2266d ago

Sony's business model requires that they dominate to make money. The X1 is good enough that they won't dominate... At best they will do slightly better.

Thus, even with a slight victory, Sony faces bankruptcy.

Winner: X1 and Microsoft.

Harmonizer2266d ago

The Playstation division has and continues to make shitloads of money. It's the electronics division that isn't doing well, which is why some investors seek a split of the two divisions.

MysticStrummer2266d ago

You make Pachter look like a genius.

Cuders2266d ago

You must be under the age of 15, because its hard to believe someone could be this foolish as an adult.

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assdan2266d ago

Based on the release dates, I really hope no one. If anyone was like, "I don't know the PS4 DOES launch a whole week earlier!" Then this world is doomed.
But yes, I'd say the one launching in 32 markets probably has the advantage lol.

Mounce2266d ago

That and, even if X1 is releasing 1 week earlier in EU...

EU is loyal mostly to Sony, I'm sure they'll easily be able to wait a week longer for PS4, if they don't already have a Pre-order done that is. I'm glad I set my pre-order in June still. JUST incase, so I know I can grab it Day One.

Regis2266d ago

I believe the gamers will win I see no downfall of both consoles they will all be great.

Xsilver2266d ago

PS4 will win.
Because day one are all of the hardcore gamers the ones that buy a new console day one the ones that also own PS+/Xbla, and with the PS4 releasing first in the US then later in all the 32 country's. now not only will the PS4 have a bigger user base because of that but then the casual gamer who likes to wait will pick the cheaper console and the one that allot of people will have mainly their friends.
Now that's how it works now, and who ever can support their console the best will keep people buying it.

H0RSE2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

"PS4 will win.
Because day one are all of the hardcore gamers the ones that buy a new console day one the ones that also own PS+/Xbla, and with the PS4 releasing first in the US then later in all the 32 country's."

- It won't matter for the "hardcore" gamers, because these are the ones whose minds were already made up. PS4 could release a month later, and the "hardcores" would still wait for it.

"now not only will the PS4 have a bigger user base because of that but then the casual gamer who likes to wait will pick the cheaper console and the one that allot of people will have mainly their friends."

- Many "casuals" are likely not going to spend $400 - $500 on a console. Many of them are perfectly fine playing games on their phones and tablets. It's the undecided yet dedicated gamers that are the ones tat will essentially "fill in the gaps" for each consoles playerbase.

Tru_Ray2265d ago

No question about it. The $100.00 price difference is going to have a significant impact on sales. I see the PS4 leading in all major territories at launch and sustaining this lead throughout the console cycle.


avengers19782265d ago

No 12-18 month head start this time, and price advantage goes to Sony. It's as head to head a console launch as can be and I believe PS4 will out do XB1 in sales by about 3:1

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finbars752266d ago

Its not that its just a week it really comes down to where its being launched which Sony has alot more of the advantage in that department.I mean MS announces fifa14 for the xboxone in europe but its only in parts of europe which is a big deal and will still affect the outcome.PS4 has alot going for it and doesnt talk out of its ass unlike MS who constantly has no PR experience at all from everything I have read or watched.Its killing them.

black0o2266d ago

ps3 was a lagging by a year .. and look how things turned out, right now all we need to do is set back and wait for DEC charts

Majin-vegeta2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

PS4 cuz then word will get around and friends will be able to see it.

It's Like when the GBC was coming out no one had one and then someone would get it and everyone would be amazed by it and run out to get one.

iamnsuperman2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

In the battling regions (the ones Microsoft and Sony are both releasing) Neither. A week either way is nothing (pre-irders selling out and limited stock in stores anyway. Most consoles sell out at launch because there is enough die hard fans). The regions where one console is releasing way before the other, yes the PS4 does have the advantage there (i.e just those regions).

Godmars2902266d ago

Sony gets a week head start in the US, MS gets one in the UK and other parts of Europe.

One week...

sashimi2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

except that One week in barely any EU countries lol...compared to Sony

dale_denton2266d ago

europe is loyal to sony, they'll wait and wont fall into the BS with that free fifa game.. still cheaper on ps4.

Mr1Y2266d ago

What are you taking about the bundle is already sold out xD

mxrider21992266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

at Mr1Y ya but how many did they give out for free i mean its a DD should be unlimited amount...