Eurogamer: Monster Lab - First Impressions

Eurogamer writes: "Eurogamer knows a thing or two about making monsters. For example, we give money to rogue states to fund nuclear proliferation, and murder the fathers of impressionable lion cubs. However, Monster Lab has a more entertaining alternative: turn-based strategy battles, interspersed with agreeable Wiimote mini-games and backed up by Edward Scissorhands graphics, a Count Duckula sense of humour and Creep Show sound effects. Do you like the noise of scrunching cartilage? Squidge this way.

In Monster Lab, you join an alliance of Mad Scientists trying to overthrow a naughty one. Beginning under the direction of Professor Fuseless, you build a monster, go out into the world and do some fighting to collect more monster parts, then upgrade yourself so you can do more battles. Each monster is made out of the bits you'd expect - head, torso, arms, legs - and these grow increasingly outlandish as you get hold of more obscure ingredients. Even in the early stages of the game, monsters pitch up with giant anchors for fists, cannons for arms and grandfather clocks for legs."

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