Dear Diary, I Think My Xbox One Is Trying to Kill Me

WC - The following is an excerpt from a diary found in January of 2014. A warning to readers: possessing knowledge of future events in an unnatural manner may lead to dire consequences as the understanding of events to come changes them necessarily.

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user74029312262d ago

rob you blind, then kill you..

Excalibur2262d ago

Dear Diary, I Think My Xbox One Is spying on me.

-Mezzo-2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I'm just happy it's not killing Gaming anymore, it sure gave it's 100%.
Now i'm actually considering buying later when TitanFall comes out.

GarrusVakarian2262d ago

Lol, its crazy how my view has gone from "omg wtf are MS trying to do to my hobby" to "i really want this console now".

chrissx2262d ago

...I screamed "xbox off" but it had become self aware