10 Awesome Xbox 360 Games You Probably Missed

WC - Just hours ago, Microsoft finally announced the November 22nd release date for the Xbox One, and with that comes a more certain degree of finality, that this whole next-gen thing really is happening, and it’s not very long away at all.

However, as we all look to put away our Xbox 360s in the coming months, it’s important to remember that there are still plenty of classic games in the 360′s back catalogue worth seeking out, and while GTA V will be taking up much of the next 2 months for many gamers, it’s worth taking a breather to check these 10 games out.

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darthv722261d ago

lost odyssey is one of those games that i started but got caught up in other games at the time and have not gone back to.

I really should go back to playing it. i have heard so many good things about it and seen several vids that say the same.

2261d ago Replies(1)