IGN Conversation: Xbox One Release Date Reaction

IGN - Alex and Keza give their reaction to Xbox One's release date and discuss the pros and cons of releasing before PS4 in Europe and after in the US.

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Omegasyde2268d ago

Its a week, its not going to make a big deal.

HOWEVER, this time does not give them much wiggle room if an issue does arise (FYI black Friday is NOV 29th).

iamnsuperman2268d ago

"Its a week, its not going to make a big deal"

Exactly a week is nothing especially since a lot of pre-orders are sold out. There will be some available in the shops but not a huge amount (if they want to make pre-order numbers)

ABeastNamedTariq2268d ago

I expected the 22nd. Seemed plausible.

I'm glad both consoles have release dates now (within a week of each other, at that), so everyone can look forward to their console(s)!

pecorre2268d ago

The one week difference is irrelevant. Both consoles will probably be sold-out from pre-order anyway. However, if Sony or Microsoft can’t keep up with the demand before Christmas and can’t send new stock to retailers, the competitor may have an advantage.

HaMM4R2268d ago

If all of their consoles are already sold out they are not at a disadvantage, it just gives xbox a chance to catch up.

Thisisjuju2268d ago

Interesting that Sony has the time edge in the US and Microsoft in Europe.

If I am correctly informed the US is traditionally Microsoft and Europe leans towards Sony. If that is so it could be quite a competitive battle over the coming months.

Transporter472268d ago

The only exception is that even though MS is launching a week early on Europe its just on 13 countries as for Sony is releasing on 32. I still give the edge to Sony but we shall see what happens.

Thisisjuju2268d ago

Indeed, but I'm sure the 13 countries MS will target are the main markets of the European bloc (UK, GER, FRA etc).

Regardless I'm still with you in believing Sony has the edge. They seem to have really high pre-orders and high street interest.

Time will tell!

thrust2268d ago

What are the pre order numbers?

Thisisjuju2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )


Globally over 1M. Although I believe that figure is outdated as it stands.

Apparently this is the highest pre-order level the company has ever experienced.


1lawrence2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It's funny how one gen xbox one is traditionally USA market when Sony had two gens with the U.S. market but whatever n ign Titan fall is for. Xbox 360 n pc step ur journalism game up its not exclusive to xboxone

WeAreLegion2268d ago

I think both consoles found great dates. December would have lost a lot of the large holiday sales. October would have rolled over many current generation games like Batman and Beyond. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.